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1 in 4, 1 in 6, What Don’t You Understand!

On average that is the number of girls and boys that experience some form of unwanted sexual events from forced touching to rape and everything in between. Who are the perpetrators? No! It is not strangers! It is fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers, teachers, coaches, priests, brothers, sisters – all people that the child is taught to trust!

Stranger danger was a lie!

Just an attempt to deflect from the real danger!


These kids lives are devastated to some degree by these assaults on their persons. They try to tell you what is happening but lack the emotional words to express themselves. Instead, their grades drop, they lose interest, they talk back, they are angry, they fight, they bully, they do all of the things that you disapprove of to try to get your attention. What do you do? You don’t listen, you ground them, you take away ‘rights’, you take away any allowance, you take their phone. You only make their problems worse by forcing them to internalize their pain, depression, anxiety, pushing them towards other mental health issues.

Some will run away. What skills does a young boy or girl have that has known rape only too well? If they had a job, they dare not give a reference that will provide a link to be found. All they want to do is hide away but they need to eat, they need shelter, they need clothes. These things cost money! How to earn money, well their are enough out their that want their cock sucked, or to shove it up a young ass. Most will pay up, cash in advance.

How do they make it day after day? Beer and drugs mask the hunger, you share a room where a landlord will look the other way, dumpster diving for some food or stuff you can sell. Maybe you can get a dealer to trust you and front you some drugs to sell.

These kids have always been around, around the corner, down that street where “respectable people” don’t go – they just go home and rape their daughters and sons for free instead of going there and having to pay.

Why don’t they speak up? You haven’t been listening have you. They try in round about ways. They try in direct words but to often are not believed. Shut up, it is a family secret, get over it, it’s not so bad, forget it – too many mothers will protect their source of funds and life style over their children. Some go to the police who are supposed to protect and serve, but the abuser is a judge, a lawyer, a prominent person who donates big dollars or other such place of “respect”. The abusers have built a culture that quietly accepts their abuses of children, people look the other way.

People pay lip service to the crime. But too often support the abuser crying let justice take its course! But in truth less than 1% are false, the vast majority of which are shot down with investigation. Only a few cases go to court, much less than could go, more than that don’t go foreword for lack of hard evidence. Some say 80% are never officially reported. So yes, the abuse culture is strong.

#MeToo is only scratching the surface mainly for women and barely for men.