As an American long term Canadian the policy overflow from the US on this is getting bad.

1979 – “Trades College” was no tuition just books and shop supplies.

1981 – University tuition was $650 for a 7 course load per semester (no intra- provincial extra fee like US states) and about $300 for books and supplies. Your maximum loan provincially was $1,000 along with a married grant of $1,250 per semester – this province believes in higher education. Other provinces only got $500/$500 in loan and maybe grant. We could manage reasonably with costs at that time, most student summer jobs paid $100 to $150 per week back then.

Today that “Trades College” has a branch in Saudi Arabia but locally a $500 tuition. That University last I saw has a $2,500 tuition per semester and with Ford it is likely rising there.

In the states, I believe that in New Mexico at UNM the state resident tuition is still under $1,000 while out of state is an arm and a leg for tuition.

    Chris Cohlmeyer

    Written by

    Janitor, leather craftsman, saddler, Forester, retired almost. Abuse survivor, former alcoholic addict, dad of three, skiing, nature, camping. life is good

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