The Art of the Real
Jack Preston King

Great read! It put into words something that I have observed for a long time – people filter out the excess image information to the point of not being very observant. Being on the autistic spectrum, I find that I observe much more than the average person and at times have difficulty weeding things down to what is needed. For me, the ball tossing video would be a nightmare as I would be watching all of the balls, the people’s faces, clothes, wall colour, then the gorilla would make me lose count.

God or no-God paradigm

I was raised going to and in the choir of a High Anglican Church, scouts was in a Methodist Church, and I lived near a mainly Catholic neighbourhood so as a child my ‘God belief’ was fairly watered down by the mixture of belief systems.

At 14 I went to Europe, London, Paris, 4weeks in Vichy learning French, Geneva, and Rome. At St. Peter’s I really sensed the weight of history, thoughts, and prayers directed towards that location. It opened my senses towards feeling similar ‘weights’ from other European locations of both Christian and non/pre-Christian buildings and ruins. Returning to the US, their were only weak ‘weights’ to the American structures however I did find a number of Native American locations with very strong ‘weights’ to them as well as some other “random” locations. I continue to find them in my travels.

At 15 I had an out of body experience after my head got in front of a soccer ball as the opposing player tried to kick it to the other end of the field. I felt happy and at peace surrounded by the souls of those not currently in bodies – sort of a collective consciousness. I got dragged back to my body, then had a bit of a time trying to figure out how my body worked. From that point, I expanded my “God search” to include Norse, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, several middle eastern religions, Islam as well as a few other Christian sects.

After a few years, I rejected all of the religions and settled into a semi-Buddhist construct of earthly existence. I hung around with a group of people, our income was not all from ‘legal’ sources, one of them “found religion” and proceeded to try to convert us. When he came to me, he looked into my eyes then walked away without a word, then started at another person.

So Yes and No, “God” is the collective consciousness of those not in bodily form. “God” evolves as we evolve through our experiences on earth. When we take bodily form, we tweak the human form towards matching the collective consciousness of the “newly painted form” for the human body thus continuing Darwinian selection of attributes that are identified as more desirable. Our knowledge of past lives and the collective consciousness fades as we grow in our new bodies, we then go through experiences that help to grow the knowledge of the collective consciousness.