The Fight for LGBTQ Rights is Over
James Finn

It is all a matter of local perspective. Some areas are very progressive and accepting almost to the point where there are no issues. In these areas the homophobes know that they are a very small minority. Yes, it has often been the kids leading the charge of acceptance even if it was at times the straight boys “laying down the law” to the bullies and their outspoken homophobe peers. Today at the local high school they have a strong student led LGBTQ+ Straight Alliance program. BFoundAPen’s Kris of his Anomaly story would have no issues here but 20/30 years ago it likely would of been even worse. Regionally, a local town council refused a student request to paint a crosswalk near the school – the backlash from across the province, town councils, students really hit hard to the point where they eventually backed down.

That is a good news area but as you mentioned there are still to many areas where the fight is far from over. From areas where “Ok, but keep it to yourself” to locations where you dare not mention even the concept.