Beyond Patriarchy
marjorie steele

Love your take on this issue – not sure if Patriarchy is the best term for it but until we find a more appropriate term that fits this subset of men (and some women) it will have to do. Maybe we need to go back to Latin to put a word together that can define this.

The Pueblo culture was actually matriarchal, the women owned the homes and fields which were passed down to their daughters. The men did the heavy labour work plus hunting and fighting. The culture and community was maintained by the women while the men did the protecting and heavy labour. Only issue was that the US government imposed a patriarchal system on them.

Your Mary 3x great grandmother and my grandmother are most likely sitting up and taking notice of this. My grandmother drew the line on abolition as she liked her elderberry wine too much; she also drew me aside one day to ask if it was ok with me for her to like the Beatles. I learned a lot from her as a child staying with her at her summer cottage for a few weeks every year plus she had a room in our house for much of the winter months. I suspect that they will look approvingly on this next move towards a new form of relationship between the “sexes”.

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