Chris Cohlmeyer
Sep 14 · 1 min read

Opps, that has been cut at most major companies and in government as a waste of potential immediate profit.

I still agree with the old Japanese mantra that the highest paid CEO should earn no more than 20 times the salary of the janitor. Not everybody wants to be the boss, many more would be happy as a street sweeper (another job that has gone to automation… almost*) or somewhere inbetween.

The good future doctors and lawyers are opting out of these occupations due to the initial expense, just the rich snobby kids go for the specialist jobs while foriegn trained take on the front line.

.* the best US street sweeper manufactured and upgraded still requires manual breaking of the spring dirt locally, besides us using the largest snowblowers to clear the streets.

    Chris Cohlmeyer

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    Janitor, leather craftsman, saddler, Forester, retired almost. Abuse survivor, former alcoholic addict, dad of three, skiing, nature, camping. life is good

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