Desperate Men In a Race Against Time
Will Staton

Their base is the evangelicals/

The base does not care about the leaders moral shortcomings/

The base believes we are in the “end times”/

Drumphy or the Pence head or further down the line/

Pence will try to force their version of “God” into government/

All in line are egotistical maniacs/

Falling into Drumphies mold/

They will be unpredictable/

The US is falling into disrepute/

Look to history to see your fate/

Repeat of Black Friday? (The windows don’t open, but guns galore)/

The fall of Rome?/

The fall of Athens?/

I fear Kruschev’s “We will bury you” may be right/

Saddam was right, the rivers did run red with American blood/

Yes, it could well be the “end times” for the US of A/

Only time will tell…….

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