Tis Some ‘ot Me Son

Chris Cohlmeyer

Tis all relative me dear

Some would be looking for their winter parka at 25 Celsius or 77 Fahrenheit that feels like 32 Celsius or 89.6 Fahrenheit while some of us are “dying of da ‘eat”.

It is all relative to what we are used too.

In my younger days living on this rock in the North Atlantic this would call for an ocean swim out to bergy bits to cool off…

Before then? 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.7 degrees Celsius or so around Chicago was a just a bit warm and Lake Michigan could reach 77 Fahrenheit or 25 Celsius in the in shore shallows.

Bergy bits – small ice bergs around car or shed size to 5 ton cube truck size showing above water.

Ocean temperature around here in summer? Maybe 2 degrees to 4 degrees Celsius if you were lucky, that is 35.6 to 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

To cool you off..

Photo by author

Yes, the water is kinda deep there considering I was about 50 feet above sea level and still not even with the top. Remember 90% of the iceberg mass is underwater.

Chris Cohlmeyer

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Janitor, leather craftsman, saddler, Forester, retired almost. Abuse survivor, former alcoholic addict, dad of three, skiing, nature, camping. life is good

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