A long time ago, I took a writing class. One of those in-a-church-basement things that the Gotham Writer’s Workshop puts on in midtown. About a month ago I was going through old teaching materials and found my notebook from the class.

This was the first in-class exercise. Our directions were to write a story about a character named Bibber.

Going Up (http://www.flickr.com/photos/21450297@N06/36714288840)

During college I often got lost in Manhattan.

Whenever we all went out to dinner or a show, I had to just follow the crowd — they always seemed to know which way to turn when they came out of the…

I fell down a well…

I got involved in a WhatsApp discussion yesterday about unusual sports trivia and that led to me to Googling some interesting things and, long story short, I fell down a deep, deep internet well of interesting stuff about Hoosiers, one of my favorite movies.


Hoosiers is based on “the Milan Miracle,” the story of the 1954 Milan High School Indians who won the Indiana High School Boys Basketball Tournament championship. With an enrollment of only 161, Milan was the smallest school ever to win a single-class state basketball title in Indiana, beating the team from the much larger Muncie…

I am selling a used, Black 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus (MN5G2LL/A).

  • The Good: Unlocked, 128 GB, new battery, scratch-free screen and back, case and accessories included.
  • The Bad: It’s a 7 Plus… there are cooler, faster phones available.
  • The Ugly: Blemishes on the top and bottom edges.

I bought this phone on Oct 5, 2016. It was always kept in Spigen’s Thin Fit Case, which gave it the glossy, Jet Black look and some protection without feeling bulky. (I’m including the case with the phone.) The case is great, but doesn’t protect the top and bottom edge of the…

It was recently Teacher Appreciation Week. I’m not a huge believer in these kinds of celebrations (are there any days when we shouldn’t appreciate teachers?), but I took advantage of the timing anyway to send the following thank you to the faculty and staff at North Shore Hebrew Academy for the work they did this year with technology.

This isn’t going to surprise you, but I believe in the power of technology to increase student success in schools. Online tools — in the hands of caring, expert teachers — are the strongest lever we can pull to help students meet…

My wife and I got to see Hamilton last night.

My Playbill and the set of Hamilton

I’ve been thinking about the show for a while, both in anticipation of going and ever since the final blackout last night. I mentioned to a few people that we saw it and they had questions… so I figured I would put the answers down in a post.

How was it?

Spoiler alert: I loved it. It’s a powerful show about important things. It’s written well, performed well and staged well. I’ve seen shows with problems… Hamilton has none.

How did you get tickets?

Simple. I jumped online as soon as they were available and paid face value…

(Quick note: iOS 13 and this is still broken.)

I know that this is a first-world problem, but it’s a really annoying one, it’s been around for years, the fix is simple and Apple missed the opportunity to do so in their recent update from iOS 10 to iOS 11. My hope in writing this is that enough people — more influential than I— will see it, share it and bring it to Apple’s attention.

Context: What is Auto-Brightness?

According to Apple’s Technical Support Article, Adjust the brightness on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

iOS devices use an ambient light sensor to adjust…

I got an odd email today. It contained an attached Word file, came from someone named “Kayden Brown” and said that the money transfer will be posted in four days… of course, I don’t know of anyone by that name and, as much as I like receiving money, I generally like to know the people it comes from. Needless to say, I was suspicious.

I did a quick google search (using “phish money transfer word document” as my search terms and found this article describing how the scam works. In a nutshell, the Word doc includes an embedded macro program…

The following is the actual text of an email I sent to one of my kids’ schools regarding their use of final exams and grades as a lever to influence student tardiness and attendance in extra-curricular study activities.

I edited the email to keep things as anonymous as possible as it is certainly not my goal to publicly criticize any one particular school. I can’t help the fact that many readers will see their own child’s school(s) between the lines here… please understand that my intention is to discuss philosophy, not a specific instituion.

Dear Mrs. Administrator,

I’m writing to…

The crazy-big expo hall at ISTE (source).

A number of people have written “How to Go to ISTE” articles recently, giving tips and advice about how to deal with the crowds, intensity and over-the-top nature of next week’s conference of the International Society for Technology in Education in San Antonio. This is my version of that article, but I’ve got a different take on it.

This isn’t advice. It’s a request.

I was at a vendor conference six years ago and heard Pat Bassett, the former head of the National Association of Independent Schools, make the following comment:

For schools, Outcome ÷ Price = Value. The question…

IMAGINE THAT YOU MADE A MISTAKE AT WORK. I don’t mean a little one, I mean a real mistake, a doozy. And imagine that the mistake is entirely, and clearly –without a doubt — your fault. You can’t blame anyone else, you can’t point to mitigating factors, you can’t excuse the error: in this nightmare scenario, you screwed up in a big way and your company or organization is exposed because of it.

How would you tell your boss? Worse, what if you are the boss…how would you tell your customers?

STEVEN FRANK MADE A MISTAKE. Steven is the co-founder…


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