A long time ago, I took a writing class. One of those in-a-church-basement things that the Gotham Writer’s Workshop puts on in midtown. About a month ago I was going through old teaching materials and found my notebook from the class.

This was the first in-class exercise. Our directions were to write a story about a character named Bibber.

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Going Up (http://www.flickr.com/photos/21450297@N06/36714288840)

During college I often got lost in Manhattan.

Whenever we all went out to dinner or a show, I had to just follow the crowd — they always seemed to know which way to turn when they came out of the subway or from which sidewalk to hail the taxi — I often took the uptown train instead of the down and always had to ask for directions. …

I fell down a well…

I got involved in a WhatsApp discussion yesterday about unusual sports trivia and that led to me to Googling some interesting things and, long story short, I fell down a deep, deep internet well of interesting stuff about Hoosiers, one of my favorite movies.


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Hoosiers is based on “the Milan Miracle,” the story of the 1954 Milan High School Indians who won the Indiana High School Boys Basketball Tournament championship. …

I am selling a used, Black 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus (MN5G2LL/A).

  • The Good: Unlocked, 128 GB, new battery, scratch-free screen and back, case and accessories included.
  • The Bad: It’s a 7 Plus… there are cooler, faster phones available.
  • The Ugly: Blemishes on the top and bottom edges.

I bought this phone on Oct 5, 2016. It was always kept in Spigen’s Thin Fit Case, which gave it the glossy, Jet Black look and some protection without feeling bulky. (I’m including the case with the phone.) …



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