There is no question of our love, kiss me

Love furious and and all consuming, kiss me

Branches will get heavy with snow soon, kiss me

Air like saber tooth waves, kiss me

Kiss me till I find all of this hilarious

Kiss me, I’m a gardener , not really but kiss me

No pills, kiss me

I’ve never doubted you, kiss me

Teach me to drive, I will teach you to love

kiss me

The spokes in the ceiling broke in the storm this time

Birds are chirping unnervingly with pleasure or annoyance

I don’t want to learn to speak bird anymore

kiss me

School money, debt, stress, sickness,

kiss me

Mixed reviews from vacant friends

kiss me

empty bottles, fights, shame

kiss me

utterly heartless, so much heart

kiss me

Experienced ignorance in the streets

kiss me

No one can destroy who we are…were

kiss me

I am a absurd muse/forever in love

kiss me

We are…were a party , a lifetime, a True story, a foundation

kiss me

I was for you

measure for measure


kiss me…..Goodbye

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