Not to long ago my man/child said there in no such thing as this romantic love that is perfect and lasts forever, I was horrified, I pleaded with him to believe there was someone out there perfect just for him. Upon reflection there is no one perfect out there for anyone. We are all flawed and broken in spots, we carry along with us our experiences, good and bad. Some of them made us better humans some of those experiences awakened our demons…these demons can destroy us and anyone who dares to come near lashing out in fear that something might touch our fragile, vital heart. So in many ways he is right but I still believe in love….not only romantic but love of ones self and for our family and friends and community. I suppose we just have to choose to love the flaws , kiss the hearts, do our best and if you wish and it is not a requirement… to have the whole lifetime thing realize that it is a metric f ton of work and not as romantic as the movies but it has meaning. So does loving people as they are with their demons and flaws rather it is yourself , a neighbor, an x, a friend. a human at a bus stop smelling of regret who terrifies you but when they say hello you look them in their eyes and say *hello* We really need each other. We can not lose these connections. So I can not see you because you are not in front of me and I can not hear you over the typing clicks but today I want to say. *Hello*

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