An Open Letter By A #NeverHillary Supporter Who Is Definitely Not Vladimir Putin
Full Frontal

While I cringe I can’t help feel but some of this accurate. It seems a lot of people would rather vote for Trump or not at all based on principle alone. We can’t all be Susan Sarandon, driving off cliffs and all. I’ve even came across people i regularly follow on social media (an odd statement I feel) who seem to think that they’re “white and male, and so [they] have nothing to worry about with Trump”, as if theyre forgetting all the other bad ideas he has had.

A lot of Bernie supporters I’m sure don’t fit this “Bernie or Bust” type, but Bernie supporters I know were not all that vocal about it, and they’re actually a generation older. Meanwhile my generation (“millenials”) are all fucking themselves over because they’re not getting the political revolution they wanted, so they’d rather watch the country burn on principles and tanning spray, than actuall wake up, smell their vente iced caramel machiattos, and realize that a Hillary presidency is still change for the better.

Were doomed I fear. I’ll see you in Canada, Sam.