How to work remotely & hold yourself together

We have found ourselves in a situation when working from a physical office is no longer an option for many people. “Home office” has become a new reality for thousands of organizations around the globe.

While for some remote work is a habit that brings joy, others may experience troubles when forced to adapt to this new working mode. For most of us though it represents a challenge, since a huge portion of our work is connected with personal contact, live conversations, and interaction with people.

To make our lives a bit easier and current work more efficient, here is…

Boo Alternative House, Armenia

Nurturing Life Outside the Armenian Capital

by Arpine Galfayan

Is there life outside of the capital city? This is one of the questions young people in Armenia start asking themselves early in their school years. This question is, certainly, about study and work opportunities, but this is also about the possibilities of living an interesting and fulfilling life in small towns and villages. Thus, it’s no surprise that the team at EcoLab is comprised of people coming from all over the country, and most of us have left our hometowns and relocated to Yerevan, Armenia’s capital city. However, one little town lost in between forest-covered hills…

📸Uta Protzmann, MitOst Staff Retreat 2019

MitOst Community Newsletter #3

MitOst staff members share their reads which impressed them, they find helpful, interesting and inspiring.

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What to read?

We appologise for setting the wrong link leading you to another story, find here the link to the the interview with Greta Thunberg:

We need to change the system

Greta Thunberg, 16, is a Swedish climate activist. In December 2018, her speech at the UN Climate Change Summit in Poland made international headlines after she criticised world leaders for their inaction. Barbara Majsa met Greta Thunberg for the project Sisters of Europe. Read more.

Djerba, Tunisia. Photo captured by Uta Protzmann.

Mosta9bali — My Future in Tunisia

How a community development programme in Tunisia is changing young people’s lives.

From abandoned bunkers and military facilities to
sustainable community-based social business projects.

by Ivo Krug

If you live or travel in Albania, you have seen them everywhere. If not, you may have heard of them anyway. The Albanian bunkers became famous over the past years. Built in an unprecedented collective action beginning in the late 1970's, bunkers and tunnels of different sizes cover the country. For years, they accounted for the biggest piece of Albania’s state budget — and for countless hours of forced labor. Luckily, there was no war to make use of them, and the socialist system collapsed after Hoxha’s death. …

The International MitOst Festival in Budapest will use civic arts as a bridging format to push connections and to improve relations between arts and civil society sector.

An interview with Barna Petrányi, Pro Progressione.

Performance on Liberty Bridge in Budapest in the framework of The Szabihíd — Bridge of Freedom 2017–2019.

MitOst and the 17th International MitOst Festival are invited to Budapest by the Hungarian organisation Pro Progressione. Our friends and festival co-hosts from Pro Progressione have become one of the most relevant actors in the international art scene in Hungary over the recent years.

Pro Progressione working with both upcoming and established artists as well as small-scale independent organisations and public institutions to foster international exchange and implement new types of contemporary artistic projects. …

Photo by Panos Georgiou.

to organise, strategise, scale and have impact with help of the Toolbox.

The Toolbox is made for teams and grassroots organisations, initiatives, and informal groups, and particularly for civil society actors without access to the resources of a metropolitan city.

We would like to share a few tools from the digital toolbox with you. If you like what you see, we invite you to explore more tools online at The Toolbox is available in English, Turkish and Greek. It will be adapted soon into Ukrainian, Russian and French.

From A to Z: Tools for Citizens

How a 2-women venture between a tiny remote Greek island and an isolated Portuguese mountain valley resulted in a unique cooperation

by Catharina Sligting & Stella Spanou

You might call it love at first sight. Which is usually not based on rational decision making. No, rationale had nothing to do with it; it was rather a case of mutual recognition.

Recognition of the similarities in being both located in Southern European countries, traditional rural areas, isolated and remote, with in-depth experience in their own local environments, not (yet) actively participating in national — let alone international — networks. But eager to open up, to gain new experiences, to attract attention, to create new stories, to demonstrate to the world the natural…

MitOst e.V.

is an NGO that fosters active citizenship, cultural exchange, social cohesion and sustainable urban and rural development — in Europe and beyond.

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