How Digital Marketing Can 10X Your Financial Services’ Client Base

The headline is true, not some click bait.

Digital Marketing is very powerful — if you know how to use it properly with a strategy for your desired outcome.

Digital Marketing by definition is:
“The promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.
For example, advertising mediums that might be used as part of the digital marketing strategy of a business could include promotional efforts made via the Internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboards, as well as via digital and television and radio channels.”

You see you can categorize methods of digital marketing such as social media, paid advertising, etc.

It’s not a surprise that today we hear and see everyone talking about social media as an effective business strategy. Social media is simply a form of marketing that we can use to express/promote our products and services and get people to follow us, but more importantly eventually do business with us.

The form of digital marketing I want to talk about though, is paid advertising through digital marketing, social media — more specifically, Facebook Advertising.

In my opinion, this is one of the most effective ways to quickly scale and grow a business and client base.

This method of digital marketing is very new. And quite frankly no one, especially in the Financial Service industry, knows how to do it effectively to get optimal results.

In my article “Why Paying To Acquire Clients NEVER Fails (If You Know These 4 Crucial Metrics)” I go over some key performance indicators that support the fact that using paid attraction methods via digital marketing — in this case Facebook Advertising — never fails and how you can scale your client base exponentially.


For one, you can hand pick your ideal client who you want to target. Literally you can plug in the variables or attributes rather, your ideal client has. Facebook will then search through it’s data base and show ads who FIT your ideal clients specifications you told Facebook.

Facebooks algorithm has so much data and information about us that it virtually does all the work for us — but we need to speak to our ideal client specifically so they take the action we want them to.

When you set up these ads, you will then want you ideal client to opt-in for a free-be in exchange for their email address. This will capture them as a lead. You can then use it for email marketing, re-targeting ads, etc. But after they opt-in, they aren’t going to become a client right away.

This is why having a marketing funnel is crucial for your success when using paid advertising to acquire clients.

This is an automated system that generates the lead — like I just discussed above — then invites them to a web-class/webinar where you teach them something of value (Ex: 7 Secrets to A Successful Retirement Plan), solving part of their problem, then asking them to schedule a call with you for a free consultation.

I want to stress the importance of this marketing funnel. It’s honestly detrimental if you DON’T have one of these in your business already. Remember, this is all digital — so we can automate it. It’s not like the old school days where you do a seminar, then pitch them on filling out a form at the back of the room for a free consultation or networking with people who have no interest whatsoever.

This is a system that will generate you clients on demand and with predictability.


Well look, if you do a seminar once a week, for example, with 50 people and you get 2–5 leads from that, you are getting maybe 1–2 clients a month MAX.

But, if you are running this automated marketing funnel driving traffic via Facebook ads, you can get 100 leads a DAY while you sleep! Most people won’t schedule a call or become clients with you but you DO have their email and can get keep relaying your message via other digital marketing strategies and re-target them creating omnipresence.

Prospecting and getting clients is a number’s game, so the more leads you get, there’s a higher chance you can get more consultations booked in your calendar and more clients for your business/services.

If you get a 200 leads a week even, for example, and 35% watch the video — and then of that 35% or 70 people, 20% book a call with you, you will be getting 14 new consultations a WEEK or roughly 56 a month. If your closing ratio is 20%, that’s 11 new clients every single month. Or 10X your previous 1–2 clients.

You can quickly see how it will save you time when prospecting/acquiring leads and clients. Obviously there’s variables to go into this to make it profitable and worth while — which I explained in my last article I linked up above. But having a system in place where you can scale your time and business at the same time is why digital marketing — Facebook Advertising — is so crucial for you to have for your Financial Services.

I teach more about how you can set up a system like this for your Financial Services in my most recent Free Case Study Video:

I truly believe that NOT having this system in your business, or at least learning about it, will be a huge impact on where your business/profession is headed in the near future. You can either embrace this new digital age or get crushed by your competitors who are adapting and evolving in this new world of business and marketing.

Hopefully you’ve found this article insightful, you can find more articles like these on my blog:, and I look forward to guiding you on the journey of more success.

To your success,

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Mitch Gonsalves is a Digital Marketing Consultant that helps Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers get more clients by creating automated lead generating systems. He specializes in Direct Response Marketing and is a Facebook Advertising expert.

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Mitch Gonsalves is a Digital Marketing Consultant that helps Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers get more clients by creating automated lead generating systems