The ‘NEW’ Way To Generate Clients For Your Financial Service Business

One of the most asked questions I get from Advisors is ….

“How can I use digital marketing / social media to generate clients?”

There’s a bunch of ways that come to mind — but there’s one I’ve found that trumps them all.

It’s called an ‘Automated Marketing Funnel’.

Regardless if you’re posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, or have an email newsletter, having a ‘Funnel’ is of extreme importance.


Because it is a system which can convert someone into a phone call in your calendar or sell a product without you being present.

It will not only scale you and your time, but it will also grow your business exponentially as it runs 24/7 365.

Major Benefits Of A Marketing Funnel:

Gains Awareness: You make customers aware that you exist and gets your message in front of them.

Educates: Teaches potential clients who you are, how you can help, and why they need your product / service.

Engagement: Prospects are engaged with you and your business — so it builds a solid relationship and trust.

Generates Customers/Clients: The ultimate objective is to convert these people into clients — which the funnel does 95–100% of the work for you (depending if you’re selling the product right there or asking them to hop on the phone with you).

I go into great depth into what a Funnel is and the EXACT Funnel I use for myself, and for all my clients.


If you want to check out the video Click Here.

Or go to this link →

I’m sure you will find extreme value in the short video.

To Your Success,


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Mitch Gonsalves is a Digital Marketing Consultant that helps Financial Service Professionals get more clients by using Automated Marketing Funnels. He specializes in Direct Response Marketing and is a Facebook Advertising expert. He is an Entrepreneur and also an Investor in the global Foreign Exchange Markets.

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