Are You Spending More Than You’re Saving?

This is a cautionary tale (This is NOT about $$)

Little Timmy got a job cutting lawns for the summer.

Timmy made $20 every week.

This meant Little Timmy could spend his hard earned money on things he loved.

Timmy loved gold and platinum jewelry, and expensive bottles of champagne.

When Timmy’s parents asked him how much he’s saved, he told them in a crisp and straight forward tone, “Saving is for suckers.”

“I’d rather spend it all while I’m breathin’”

Kind of an odd thing for a kid to say.

Anyway, Timmy quickly ran out of money, and the jeweler was waiting on payment. So Timmy went from door to door of all his customers collecting an advance.

Timmy paid his jeweler, put on his chain and hit the club. That night Timmy ordered 3 bottles of Cristal Champagne.

Timmy is officially out of money. Not only that, he dug so far into his resources (his customers/ income) that there isn’t much sign of more money coming any time soon.

Timmy not only spent more than he saved. He spent more than he made. Now Timmy is in big financial trouble. His lifestyle is not sustainable, and ….well….long story short, Timmy crashed and he burned.

Work, stress, worry, anxiety…..this causes your body to activate a portion of your nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system.

This part of your nervous system digs into your resources and spends them on all of the above. It breaks down muscle tissue, it stresses your heart and drains you of energy.

You big spender, you.

What do you do to SAVE your resources? Or to rebuild them once you’ve spent some?

To save, you need to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Think of this as the opposite of the sympathetic……it restores, rejuvenates, rebuilds and revitalizes.

Timmy’s parents were right. He needed to save at least as much as he was spending.

Here’s a quick way for you to reactivate your parasympathetic nervous system so you can rebuild your resources (the more you save the more you can spend….so this is kind of better than money).

Belly breathing: Breath slowly and deliberately into your belly for around 2–3 minutes. Do this 3 times per day, every day.

This is not a huge investment of time, but it will be enough to get your parasympathetic nervous system in gear and rebuilding your precious resources.

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Mitch Heaslip

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