Client Profile: How Andrew Lost 43 lbs While Staying Strong

Andrew dancing….or looking at the ceiling….or… us out here Andrew.

Let me tell you about this guy…

First off, today (as I write this) is his birthday.

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Second, he’s lost 43 lbs of total body weight while working two jobs and crushing life.

Andrew leaves the house at 7 am, gets to the gym around 9:00- 9:30 pm, and gets home at around 10–10:30 pm.

There’s no way around the fact that Andrew is focused. Making excuses not to train would be easy in this situation, but he hasn’t done that once in the last 7 months.

I started working with Andrew one on one in January of 2016, and he had two main goals.

  1. Lose weight.
  2. Stay strong.

See, Andrew is strong. Really strong.

One of the downsides to losing a bunch of body weight is the fact that people tend to lose a lot of strength and muscle along with it.

So we needed to drop weight, maintain strength and navigate this crazy work schedule that he hammers away at on a daily basis.

The Results

I’m extremely proud of Andrew for absolutely nailing it. He took the plan and ran with it.

He is currently 305 lbs (down 43 lbs), his bench press max is 245 lbs (up 5 lbs from his all time best), his squat maintained at 245 lbs, and his deadlift is a nasty 405 lbs.

He also has definition in his arms and chest, and is much bigger and fuller in the ‘bro muscles’ (chest, arms, back, shoulders).

Here’s How We Did It

Here’s the good news.

It was very simple.

But it was also a lot of hard work.

The workouts were built with two main factors in mind.

  1. Getting strength and fat loss results.
  2. Sticking with as many things that Andrew enjoyed as possible.

What good is a training plan if the person doing it hates every minute of it?

Loving training and enjoying every minute of it is a big focus here.

In Andrew’s case, he worked out between 3–5 times per week, depending on the training phase.

Most of his workouts had him training around 4 times per week.

In these workouts you will see things like squats, front squats, deadlifts, bench presses, lat pull downs, dumbbell rows and some body weight conditioning circuits.

Stuff that HE likes.

As for nutrition, things were even more simple.

We began by tracking his calories and macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbs).

The main goal here was to make sure he was eating the right amount of calories to lose weight, while getting enough protein to maintain his strength and muscle.

Eventually Andrew fell into a nice groove with his diet.

Tracking calories and macros doesn’t necessarily need to be done forever. Once you develop a new way of eating and setting up your daily diet, maintain it long enough, it eventually becomes nearly effortless.

After about 12 weeks we dropped the macro tracking and focused on a few key habits to keep things in line.

We made sure Andrew was eating enough protein (not by tracking exact numbers, but by mimicking his intake while he was tracking), and keeping vegetables and whole foods the focus of every meal.

Here’s the kicker.

Andrew didn’t give up things like beer, pizza or any other treat life in the year 2016 has to offer. He made sure to eat for fuel 90% of the time.

The other 10% of the time was filled with any of the above, plus whatever other sugary or fatty or alcoholic treat he felt like.

Eat for fuel 90% of the time. Eat for fun the other 10% of the time. It works, and it allows you to always enjoy the foods you love.

Now, things weren’t perfect for the entire 7 months.

Andrew faced his challenges just like everyone else.

Between holiday eating, extra crazy periods at work, or the simple fact that no ones perfect, there were some periods of regress.

When this happened we didn’t panic, or even stress it.

It’s inevitable, and the fact that we’re human beings means the things we do will never be perfect. Accepting this is crucial, and is one of the reasons why Andrew was so successful.

When the diet or training schedule slid off track, the most effective thing we did was forget it happened.

If there was a challenge to be addressed, or a lesson to be learned, we took advantage of that fact. But as soon as we learned everything we could from the situation, we put our focus forward and made a plan for the days ahead.

Andrews success comes down to focus, hard work, and the ability to get over the fact that everything won’t be perfect all the time.

I’m proud of the weight Andrew has lost and the strength he’s maintained.

Andrew is proud too. These accomplishments are really something he can hang his hat on.

With his ability to follow his plan, focus and execute, I’m exited to see what he accomplishes from here.

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