Client Profile: How Teresa Lost 13 lbs and Tripled Her Strength

“So proud of the work we have done. I am most proud that I felt comfortable in a two piece swim suit this summer…”

Teresa Gunz

Teresa emailed me this picture on my birthday this year as a way to say ‘Happy Birthday’, as well as update me on her progress.

I knew Teresa had been dropping weight and building strength.

I knew her measurements were all heading in the right direction.

She even told me, flat out, matter of fact in an email, “I’m ripped now”.

But even I wasn’t prepared for this.

She wasn’t joking.

My jaw hit the floor.

Teresa and I started working together about 8 months ago. Her goal was simple.

She wanted to lose about 8 lbs so she could get to her goal weight of 152, which has been a comfortable weight for her in the past.

She was 52 years young at the time, and just wanted to be a healthy and comfortable body weight.

She knows when she has a plan that she can execute, but a lack of direction has been her nemesis up until this point.

She was also battling a herniated disc in her back, which limited her on some of her movements.

After chatting on the phone we built a plan of attack. Teresa hasn’t looked back.

Just to give you some context, here’s a photo of Teresa before the program.

Teresa, before the program

Here’s a snap shot of what she’s accomplished.

  • Body weight: 160 lbs down to 144 lbs
  • Squat: 50 lbs up to 185 lbs (let that one sink in…whoa)
  • Dumbbell Bench Press: 20 lbs in each hand up to 40 lbs in each hand
  • Push Ups: 13 up to 30 (in a row)
  • Oh, and she JUST hit a personal best, 100 lbs on the bench press

This may be the most important thing; remember that herniated disc? Well, she’s built up her core strength to the point her doc took her off her anti inflammatory pills.

Burning fat and throwing some big weights around is one thing. Improving the quality of your entire life is on a totally different level of awesome.

She has clearly obliterated her goal of 152 lbs, and is now sitting at a lean and muscular 144 lbs.

And that doesn’t even begin to illustrate how much body fat she has burned and lean muscle she’s added.

More important than her ridiculously awesome outward appearance, her metabolism is stoked, her body is strong and vital, and she loves training with weights and getting out on her mountain bike on the weekends.

How She Did It

The beauty of Teresa’s plan is it has been reasonable and sustainable the entire time.

Teresa is a busy woman, with a busy job. She can’t afford to live in the gym. I love the fact that she’s proof you don’t have to in order to see amazing results.

Teresa followed a customized strength training plan that included 3–4 strength training sessions per week.

Every 4–6 weeks we would make some adjustments to her sets and reps, as well as some of the movements she was doing.

This kept things fresh, both for her body and her mind.

We would be sure to keep what she enjoyed, and ditch what she hated.

Luckily, she enjoys some really effective exercises.

As for nutrition, Teresa’s strength was in her ability to be flexible and adjust as we moved along.

We started out tracking her intake so that we could be sure she was eating the right amount of calories to lose weight, while eating enough protein to fuel her strength and metabolism, and enough fat to maintain hormone balance.

Teresa followed this protocol for a handful of months, and every so often we would drop tracking from her plan.

The beauty of tracking your intake is that through that process you develop new habits, which stay with you once you stop tracking.

Now, Teresa isn’t a machine (you wouldn’t know it though, would you), so she has hit some snags when it comes to food.

Every now and then she’ll notice that her protein intake is starting to slip, while her carb intake is creeping higher than we need it to be.

In this scenario, we temporarily implemented tracking her food again, making sure she’s hitting her nutrition goals each day.

Snacking at night has also been a challenge here and there. Many can relate to this one, s here are a few things we implemented to remedy this.

We made sure she was managing her stress. Often times, snacking is caused by stress, and eating is how we manage it. By replacing her snacking with another stress relieving activity, it helped her feel better, and get leaner.

Some replacements that have worked well for her are hot tub/ hot bath, and reading.

Right now Teresa is playing with the idea of adding something creative in her evenings. Crafting perhaps.

I can’t tell you how fun it’s been working with Teresa.

Seeing her build so much strength, change her body and improve her daily life has been inspiring to say the least.


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