I thought when I got here, I’d be happy.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy. And I love everything about where I am right now.

But I thought this was a destination. A permanent place of refuge.

Married, living in Texas, and a growing fitness business…5 years ago this scenario was nothing more than my favorite daydream while slugging it out in the Alberta oilfield.

Now, I pause each morning to bask in gratitude.

But as grateful as I am for everything, it doesn’t feel like a resting point. And it certainly doesn’t feel permanent.

This isn’t the first time I’ve fallen prey to this illusion of permanence.

I used to think when I graduated college I’d be there.

Then I thought the comfy groove of a career would be the refuge I was looking for (LOL!)

But each time I reached this promised land of permanent happiness, I learned it wasn’t quite what I thought it was. I had to go a little further.

Well, damn. As it turns out, nothing is permanent. It’s just another illusion we lust after, like a desert paradise on the edge of the horizon, fading into thin air as we get closer.

And thank God. Because if there was such thing as permanence, reaching it would be the most depressing day of our lives.

No more progress, no more resistance, no

More growth.

Just stagnation.

We Might as well be dead.

Yup. The idea of permanence is just another trick. A distraction from your path. A path that has no end point. No resting place, and no refuge.

It’s just non-stop process. Never ending action. Perpetual growth.

Sounds exhausting? It can be. But it beats chasing Mirages in the desert.

Whether it be fitness, career, financial, or relationship goals- the idea of permanent refuge, a Stopping place, is destroying your ability to enjoy the process.

And process is all there ever is, so buckle up, and enjoy the ride.