What Success and Accomplishment Means After You Die

On Sunday afternoon I wandered down to Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth Texas.

I had a very important question, and I wanted to pose it to total strangers.

See, I find myself constantly wrestling with the big questions in life.

Who or what am I? Why are we here? What’s the point of all of this?

And of course, despite the fact we are driven to work hard and succeed during our life times, what does it all mean if we’re going to die at the end of the line?

Do all the things we filled our lives doing in the name of success and accomplishment even matter?

I have my own thoughts on the matter of course, but there’s nothing more interesting (to me) than capturing the unedited and unfiltered responses from total strangers on one of my favorite streets in the city.

Welcome to the Real Talk video series.

Heavy questions. Real People. Unfiltered responses.

Enjoy Episode 1.

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