Yes, Me Worry.

I worry.

I worry that this will do no good.

I worry that I have no words of comfort.

I worry that I have not been able to find one joke to include here.

I worry that we have seen the crest of democracy’s wave in our lifetimes.

I worry that people who say the Trump Years won’t be so bad are wrong, which will cause immediate suffering, further tribalism and inter-class grudges.

I worry that people who say the Trump Years won’t be so bad are right, which will cause further apathy and lay the ground work to dismantle individual freedoms and the social safety net.

I worry that (the myth of?) American Exceptionalism is dead, and that the only people who still believe in it have a narrow view of who is American.

I worry that of the 45% of eligible Americans who did not vote, the majority of them will feel vindicated when the Trump Years prove their point that government does not care about them.

I worry that the newly appointed future head of the Environmental Protection Agency does not believe that climate change is man-made.

I worry that the newly appointed future head of the Department of Education does not have any interest in bettering public schools.

I worry that the newly appointed future head of Housing and Urban Development initially declined the position because he “feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency.”

I worry that the newly appointed future Attorney General is the strongest proponent of the Drug War in the Senate, has joked about his support of the KKK, and voiced his disapproval of the NAACP.

I worry that the newly appointed future Attorney General was rejected from a federal bench in 1986 for “racial bias.”

I worry that the Russian government and associates are doing everything they can to dismantle institutional and economic ties between Western nations, and they are succeeding with impunity.

I worry that the newly appointed future National Security Advisor has spread rumors and lies perpetuated by some of those Russian associates.

I worry that the president elect and his chief of staff have a combined zero minutes of government experience.

I worry that the newly appointed future White House Chief Strategist is — at best — an enabler of white supremacists who did not want his child mixing with too many Jews at school.

I worry that the pride of coal miners and former coal miners drives them to fight for jobs that define them and decimate their health simultaneously.

I worry that the Trump Years will hurt our long-term economic and environmental health by preventing a move further away from coal in order to temporarily restore a small percentage of lost coal jobs to pander to a group of proud people.

I worry that by throwing away the TPP, we cede economic superiority in the east to China.

I worry that as we relinquish economic power to China, the president elect is already antagonizing them and daring them to act via protocol breaches and reckless tweets.

I worry that as we isolate ourselves economically, we will decrease the reasons nations will have to ally with us in conflict.

I worry that the entire world will need to train itself not to take the President of the United States “literally” after nearly 250 years of treating every official communication as representative of potential future action.

I worry that everyone around the world working or living in a “Trump property” now may be in the line of fire.

I worry that millions of Americans (including myself) are about to lose health insurance.

I worry that the president elect’s hate filled diatribes and casual sexist remarks were not enough to disqualify him from the presidency in the minds of enough Americans.

I worry that as nationalism continues to rise throughout the United States and Europe, the definition of the “other” will continue to widen.

I worry that we are antagonizing an entire religion made up almost entirely of good, regular people — over one billion of them.

I worry that it is hard for me to square the image I had of people in my life who voted for the president elect with how I see them now.

I worry that people spurred on by the president elect’s lies will take matters into their own hands and innocent people (e.g. journalists, political opponents, pizza shop owners) will die.

I worry that we are providing recruiting material for people who want to destroy us and others throughout the world.

I worry that parents have to explain swastikas to children who are finding them in their schools and their playgrounds.

I worry that parents will tell their LBGT children to straighten out or face the unleashed hate of unburdened homophobes and ignorant kids.

I worry that the president elect is easily swayed by the last person he talked to, considering the people with whom he is surrounding himself.

I worry that countries will take the president elect’s words to heart, and nuclear proliferation will flourish in the Trump Years.

I worry that many women will not be able to afford birth control.

I worry that black men will continue to be shot by police and the future attorney general will have no interest in investigating this.

I worry that white supremacists will see the Trump victory as vindication, and shamelessly air their horrid beliefs.

I worry that whichever city is hit in retribution to the president elect’s election will have decisively voted against him.

I worry that the tenants of individual freedoms that define liberal democracy are in question yet again.

I worry that women who have been sexually abused will be less likely to come forward.

I worry that men who think it may be ok to sexually harass women will now be able to point to the president elect to justify their actions.

I worry that our future looks darker than it ever has, and I have no words to console the people I care about.

I worry that every time I attempt to convince myself that we will make it through this as a stronger nation, I find more evidence to the contrary.

I worry that it doesn’t matter that the loser of this presidential race received 2.5 million(+) more votes than the winner.

I worry that a surrogate for the president elect claimed that “there are no more facts” and this comment has been discussed rather than discarded.

I worry that immigrant families will be torn apart at a faster rate and for less reason than they are currently being torn apart.

I worry that the left will fail to unify.

I worry that I am shouting at the choir and I can’t stop myself.

I worry that streaming home entertainment will effectively keep us occupied enough to stay immobile.

I worry that the revolution has already been televised.

I worry that I am still having stress dreams about election night, and when I wake up they have come true.

I worry that as a child of white privilege I may not be strong enough to withstand this shock to the system.

I worry that I have never felt particularly jewish but now feel that it is relevant whether I want it to be or not.

I worry that satire is dead.

I worry that rational argument is useless.

I worry that we are already used to the president elect lying daily.

I worry that children will see this man as an example of how to “win.”

I worry that a man who can be baited with a tweet will have his hands on the nuclear codes.

I worry that there are many minute details to worry about in all these worries.

I worry that I could easily annotate every one of these worries.

I worry that there are more worries than I have listed.

I worry that I am not worried enough.

I worry.