Jump training exercises and Programs

Athletes who play basketball and volleyball crave for higher vertical jumps. If you are a body builder, sports athlete, or a normal guy who wants to be good at your vertical jumps, then what initially you need to do is get proper training and guidance. Also, select right set of exercises in your regime so that you get the desired results in less time.

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Different people might be giving you different advice which might only be confusing you, so it’s better to always listen to what the experts have to say. Best ways to get a flexible body are:

1. Stretching your body 2. Plyometric Exercise

Chances are that majority of the exercises are not giving the desired result. So where are you lacking? It’s just that first you need to combine right exercise with right diet.

Now let’s discuss about few exercises which will give you wonderful results that too very quickly and will also help you gain 10 -15 inches in your vertical jump in just two months.

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1. Box jump

This exercise is the most important and one of the best jump training exercises in the world. To get started you just need to get a box between 15–25 inches high and leap ahead and back over it.

2. Rim leap

This is another one of the most effective plyometric exercises that will help you jump even better. To do this what you have to do is stand beneath a basketball goal and spring as high you can and try to touch the rim. If you are not able to touch the rims then at least try to touch the net.

The moment you hit the ground back, jump up again and repeat it. The most important thing here is the speed. You don’t have to take rest when you hit the ground back, just bounce back up.

3. Squats

You must have heard that squats is the “king of exercises”. Well, this is absolutely true. What you might not know is that it also helps a lot in the vertical jumps as well.

Maximum athletes have this misconception that weight lifting is just for bodybuilders and that it can never help in vertical jumps. However, this fact is not true. There are so many Olympic weight lifters who don’t even play basketball nor do any sort of “vertical jump training” still they manage to jump more than 40 inches of height. This is only because they generate immense force for the jump by doing the right exercises.

So start doing these 3 exercises on a regular basis to help yourself jump higher, and soon you’ll see the most effective results that too in very less time.

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