On Taking Walks. . .

I like to go on walks. A lot.

In fact, I try to go on a walk at least once a day. Walking has changed the way I approach challenges, and it has helped me keep perspective on my life.

Here’s how:

Every day when I walk, I walk with purpose. For the yogis out there, I always set an intention for my walks.

Sometimes, I set a timer for 15 minutes and walk until the timer beeps. Then, I reset the timer, and walk back home.

Sometimes, I decide to walk around specific blocks in my neighborhood.

Sometimes, I decide to walk my usual routes, but in reverse.

Sometimes, I decide to only turn left. Other times, I only turn right.

Somedays, I go on one big long walk. Other days, I go on many short walks.

Sometimes, I think about specific problems or challenges I’m facing.

Sometimes, I think about nothing in particular.

Sometimes, I simply make it a point to observe the world around me — I watch cars cross intersections, or I watch the geese as they waddle in front of me.

The point is, I walk.

Being an entrepreneur is tough. There are deadlines to hit, meetings to schedule, and deliverables to deliver on. There’s a lot competing for your attention, especially when you’re working from a home office.

Walking helps me disconnect from the distractions. It helps me focus my thinking, and it helps me to figure out the path forward.

This is true for my business and personal lives alike. Most, if not all, of the major decisions I have made over the past 6 weeks have all had their roots on walks I have taken.

Proposal for an existing client about a fourth quarter social marketing strategy? Started with a walk.

Deciding how to move forward from having a fairly significant contract end? Go for a walk.

Figuring out personal and business goals for the upcoming weeks and months? Start with a walk.

There’s just something about walking that soothes my soul. It opens my mind, and allows me to think about things in a different perspective. Plus, a little exercise never hurt anyone.

So, the next time you’re facing a problem, or a major life decision, I challenge you to start with a walk.

Leave your phone at home, grab a smoke (if that’s your thing), and go out into the world and walk.

And, while you’re out there, don’t forget to think — just a little bit.

It works for me. I think it’ll work for you.

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