The Homeless: Frank Underwood’s Solution
jay rymeski

Great piece. Raises a ton of questions for me-

Unlike the volatile, breaking-news worthy natural disaster, homelessness is a constant, slow burn on society, easily ignored by politicians and the masses. As a society we are compelled to fix the freshly punctured hole in the boat and ignore the slow leaks that will inevitably sink us. It’s shameful but it’s the status quo.

Meanwhile, we are bombarded with apocalyptic natural disaster blockbusters that manage to scare even the most tepid politicians into approaching climate change, another former “slow burn” issue that has only recently garnered a sense of urgency.

So maybe the best way to manifest urgency around a slow burn issue is to pair it with content that emphasizes the potential severity of ignoring it, à la climate change and Hollywood disaster porn. Homelessness is at a critical state now, yes, but what will it look like in ten years if we continue to ignore it? And might you activate the public by showing them such a nightmare?