Voter Turnout is Key: Join John Lilly and me Sunday afternoon for “get out the vote” calls to swing state voters

The United States of America should be a democracy that is trying to solve problems with fact-based and inclusive programs. The United States should not be a violence-tinged, once-thriving democracy that is lurching towards facism.

This means I support Hilary Clinton for President and want to do more than wring my hands over the state of the campaign.

If you are in or near Mountain View, California this Sunday afternoon please join John Lilly and me get out the vote for Hilary and build democracy into our future. We can help others to case their votes, particularly in swing states where turnout rates has huge effect. For those of us in California this is done via telephone. We can do more than cast our own vote.

We’ll be gathering from 3 to 6 pm to contact likely democratic voters, encourage them and help resolve issues if possible. Please bring a charged cellphone, laptop and lots of energy. The address is: Democratic Volunteer Center, 1970 W El Camino Real Mountain View, California 94040.