Hello. My name is Jeremy Mitchell and I am the owner & creator of Mitchell Bat Company, LLC. This is the beginning of what I hope will start conversations with other small business owners and future small business owners. Hopefully my stories will spark something in people to get them to the next step in wherever they currently are.

I love getting emails from people that have launched their own product or are thinking about launching their own product. Helping others grow is a big part of what is in me and what I want to accomplish with my writings here. A lot of people along the way have helped me understand what it is I am after with Mitchell Bat Co. Most of these people I’ve never met or even connected with via the web. I have read their tweets, watched their videos or listened to their podcasts. I’ve learned a lot little and big things along the way. Maybe it’s something as silly as what type of printer they use for shipping labels or how to make accounting not such a hassle.

I don’t want this to replace people emailing me. My writings will be meant to spark questions. I want people to email me more. Sharing the things I’ve learned along the way with others is one of things I love most about running Mitchell Bat Co. I also love meeting new people.

Stay tuned.

More to read in the upcoming days, weeks, months (years?).

Thank you,