Pinterest; A collaborative tool.

How useful was it for us?

For this task, in groups, we had to research ‘How to get your blogs noticed on Medium’, using Pinterest, and use Pinterest as a place to share our findings. This is my opinion on using it as a collaborative tool.

For us, we didn’t use Pinterest, we tried but none of us found it useful. I’d much rather just do my research and email it to the other members in my group, or send the link over direct message on Twitter.

The first big reason it was not useful is because when you try to search ‘Medium’ into Pinterest it comes up with all sorts, ‘Medium long hair or medium hair cuts’ and this just wasn’t what I wanted. It could probably be used for other platforms E.g. Twitter or Facebook. Because it would probably come up with results for these, but it just didn’t help us.

Another reason is, we all discussed and said we’d prefer to share text, or other things that just wouldn't be as good displayed on Pinterest because its main focus is pictures, therefore it wouldn’t be very useful for us when trying to collect data or researching.

In my opinion Pinterest would be so much better as a collaborative tool for other platforms like Facebook, if we had used it for Facebook then maybe my opinion would be different but for now it’s just staying as that it wasn’t working for us.