Being Multidimensional

Quick question before we start!

How many skills do you have? Not stupid, useless skills. Skills that can make you money. Think about it, remember it, and keep reading.

Let’s say you are a software developer. Let’s say you have a job that pays $200,000 a year. Great job, right? Great job, great pay, great life. Right? Okay cool. Now let’s think of it this way.

You are a software developer. You are making $200,000 a year. You have been developing software your entire life and that is your passion. Fast forward 20 years and technology has advanced. Computers program themselves now. Software is no longer needed. They’re robots that develop anything and everything that humans could possibly need. Now the question is, what do you do? You’ve been a software developer your entire life. You know nothing else. What’s your plan? Be homeless? This is a problem!

What people tell me “I need to do”

People who say they want the best for me have told me one thing.

“Find one focus and master it”.

They tell me doing more than one thing is to hard and a waste of time. They say master a single craft and be the best. Although that is a good plan, why would anyone on earth stick to one thing? Doing this literally limits yourself to so many things. Pay, life, adventure, opportunity, everything! DON’T DO THIS TO YOURSELF!


(I am 20 years old and these are the skills I currently obtain)

  • Personal Trainer
  • Novice Programmer
  • Internet Marketer
  • Nutritional Planner
  • Advertising

These are just a few things I currently know and I am 20. I don’t say this to think I’m cool, or better than anyone. I say this because one day, shit will hit the fan. Things will go bad. The economy will crash! And when it does, I know that I have skills ready in case of opportunity. Equip yourself with all skills possible! This way, when an opportunity pops up, you will be ready and you won’t have to say “I only know _______”.

Knowing multiple skills gives you a better chance than the other guy that just got laid off. Do you know how to manage money? When you get tired of your boss and decide to become an entrepreneur. You’ll know how to manage and track your expenses. You won’t need to hire someone to do it for you.

My entire point of this article is to motivate you to learn something new!

Don’t be one dimensional

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