How Working Legs Make The Rest Of Your Body Bigger

How on earth does working out your legs make the rest of your body bigger? Can it really be true? Short answer, yes. Working out your legs does make the rest of your body bigger. The question is how.


This is how it works. When you work legs, you work the part of your body that holds the most Testosterone. It is then released into the rest of your body which in reality helps the rest of your body grow.

So why do people skip leg day almost every time it comes around? Haha, well people are lazy and aren’t informed about this “secret”. Luckily, I have some tips below that I think can help you get through your leg days.

Tip 1

Shorten your workout. For beginners who skip working out their legs almost every single time. Shorten your workouts and start to stick to a schedule. Set one day — (at least) a week and make sure you hit legs that day every single week, no excuses. This way, you at least have a consistent schedule where your hitting legs. After you feel that you have that down, hit tip 2 below.

Tip 2

Find a training partner. Having a training partner will make any workout but especially leg day much easier to get through. This will also give you a spotter when you do workouts like squat, allowing you to go heavier and grow stronger. Find a spotter and and get things going! Once you find a training partner, move on to tip 3.

Tip 3

Now that you have a set schedule, and a training partner. Be sure you are getting proper nutrition and supplementation before the workout. This doesn’t mean go buy a bunch of supplements you don’t need. But if you feel that you are too tired to workout most of the time, consider getting a pre workout or something like it to wake you up and keep you motivated. Nutrition on the other hand is fairly simple. About an hour and a half to two hours before your workout. Be sure you are consuming a decent amount of carbs and fats to ensure that you are fueling your body. This is major to succeeding on leg day.

Having these tips and the knowledge you now have should allow you to have an excellent leg day from here on out. I wish you luck and hope you are able to get the gains you are looking for. If you are needing some help with workouts or nutrition, you can contact me below. I respond fairly quickly and should get back to you in less than an hour.


  • Shorten your leg day
  • Find a spotter/training partner
  • Proper nutrition/supplementation

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