How to Become a Billionaire: Why Following Scarcity Will Make you Rich
Chris Herd

I hate to ask such a basic question but how do I get deeply involved in the current economy? I’m software engineer with an electrical engineering background/degree so I believe I have the knowledge, I just took a machine learning class through Coursera and I’d like to apply that knowledge but it seems to difficult to get your foot in the door anywhere. I do have plans for an interview with Amazon in the coming weeks but I don’t feel it will go all that well (I’m studying for the interview but my core software skills aren’t as polished since my background is in electrical engineering).

I saw an opportunity in the current economy involving home automation; so I created a company that would use Echo or Google Home devices and install all sorts of automated devices (lights, door locks, motion sensors, garage doors) and started a website/company to service the Minnesota region. I sank $100-$200 into advertising on Google Adwords and I still don’t have a first customer for that service so I cut the advertising and sort of gave up on the idea (I still have everything but I’m refusing to spend more money on advertising with ZERO results). I created a couple apps, the free one has 200,000+ downloads and they’re generally well received (Volumizer & Volumizer+) but only made a few hundred dollars (I still get about $3-$4 a month from them) but it’s not enough to matter in my life.

Anything you could do to nudge me in the right direction, I feel like I’m just treading water being underpaid at my current company just maintaining some code when I really want to jump into this economy and make some good money I have no clue where to go from here, maybe you have some ideas.