Good ideas
Brett Martin

Until you go through the process to actually make something yourself, it’s easy to say the idea is the tough or difficult part. I know lots and lots of people who have ideas, most ideas are things people float out there and some are good, some are bad and some are mediocre. What I have found is that many people seem passionate about these ideas but when you ask them to put even the smallest amount of work into it (read this article, provide some data, write your own ideas down) they shy away from it…I see that happen with 99% of ideas, even good or great ideas, almost no one wants to put any effort forth into bringing their ideas into fruition. So many people love to talk big and love to expound about an idea they rarely do anything with it. It would be nice to hear some specific ideas that were “good ideas” in your own life where the work wasn’t put into them to make them so good.

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