Moving from a Type 0 to a Type 1 Civilization
Joshua Hehe

Ugh, GMO do not need to be “banned”. By this I assume you mean genetic engineering (gene splicing). We have been genetically modifying organisms for millennia. 99% of the food you eat is modified genetically from the wild strains, as are all the domesticated animals. This involves much trial and error including many unwanted mutations and takes a long time. Genetic engineering has not been shown to be unsafe at all and hundreds of peer reviewed studies have shown that it is. It is much more exact than selective breeding, much quicker and much more controllable. It has the potential to stop hundreds of millions being malnourished and this has already begun. And we’re not going to have designer humans running around en masse any time soon, that’s just ridiculous (Unless you mean its potential to eliminate a huge number of diseases, ending death and suffering for countless millions more?). People need to stop being scared of things because they a) don’t understand them, and b) would rather believe the lies, nonsense and fear-mongering of the religious, the uneducated and the biggest scam in today’s food industry, “organic” food. Carefully controlled and monitored? Definitely. “Banned”? No…

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