Do the NH Hotels’ investors know that their hotels don’t care about their customers?

My name is Gabriela Mitoseriu and I am writing this post as me and my husband were profoundly humiliated in the NH Hotel Rotterdam on the 1st of January 2016, after our money, IDs, bank cards, car keys, parking ticket, mobile phones and a leather jacket were stolen while we were sleeping in the room. We believe we are lucky tough as our clothes and underwear were still in the room.
We are absolutely sure we locked the door, a door which is supposed to have a secure, automatic door bolt which will prevent a thief from entering a client’s room. Again, me and my husband were in the room of this hotel during the robbery — part of the NH chain — and we could have been killed maybe if we had got awaken. 
So what kind of security NH Hotels provide for its clients?
Even if the car keys and the parking ticket were stolen, the hotel staff didn’t do a thing to ensure the car would not disappear. The hotel staff didn’t contact the police, thus our son had to call 112 in order to talk with two police officers after two hours from the event. Moreover, the camera footage that could have disclosed some information regarding the theft was not checked, meaning the support from the NH staff was almost inexistent. Not to mention the manager didn’t show up to hear the story and the issues the hotel has to deal with.
Seeing this overall attitude towards a client of the hotel who was in such a delicate and serious situation (my husband had to stay in the cold outside as even his leather jacket was stolen) I believe that the hotel staff was involved somehow in this unfortunate, embarrassing event or the NH hotel personnel has a total lack of respect and responsibility for its clients. Is this because we are Romanians?
We would like to hear the hotel’s position and we want them to guarantee their involvement in finding the thieves. This attitude and lack of responsibility is unacceptable from a hotel in the heart of Rotterdam, part of a chain which is publicly listed. I am sure NH Hotels’ investors are expecting more than that.