Spirit Character Engine is an Authoring Tool and SDK for creating expressive, AI-driven characters within a narrative context. …

The topic of conversational agents and how we talk to them is an important recent discussion: whether we are required to even be “polite” to Alexa and Siri — all the way to the gendered abuse and harassment with which they’re often addressed. I propose that the way to better empathise with conversational agents is to understand what it means to design them ourselves.

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In The Atlantic this week, Dr Ian Bogost wrote about the gendering of voice agents such as Siri and Alexa. His discussion is framed particularly around the fact that Amazon has made Alexa claim to be a feminist; a label he argues as being at odds with the very fact that it contributes to the usual tropes of assistant bots as passive, apologetic, and female**. …

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Mashable posted an opinion piece which summarises some of the recent moves by large tech companies and online platforms to do something about the problem of harassment and toxic content; in short, at long last, we are acknowledging that there is a problem. And, crucially, that something needs to be done about it.

The central premise of the article is to problematize the current trend in approaches being taken — which is to staff up with ever-larger teams of human moderators. …


Mitu Khandaker

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