How Will Tech Revolutionise Health?

A doctor takes data about a patients’ symptoms and draws conclusions. Then they do some tests to get more data and perfect their conclusions about the diagnosis. If there is one, they prescribe a treatment, and take more tests to collect data to see if the person gets better.

Data collection and analytics is done much more accurately and faster by machines.

Doctors will be programmed.

But there are some fundamental questions about who will own the data. Health data is sensitive and highly personal.

Now, the hospitals hold the keys to the data and the info.

But if it’s a machine who should be the owner?

Now, Google, Facebook and Apple own our data.

In my opinion — a person should own their OWN data. This is why I build Innit Foundation. A piece of software and a legal system that lets people collect, own and trade in their own data. We let people extract the value of thier data without compromising their identity.

Why is this important to me?

Because more equal societies are more stable. I know. I’ve lived in the Netherlands and Brazil — the two extremes.

Knowledge (data) is power. Power should never be concentrated. Liberté égalité fraternité.

Currently, data is being concerntated in a small handful of American countries. They are under American law, which do not protect non-Americans.

Europe is the most powerful opponent to the evil empire. Ironically, we are the ex-evil empire, but hey. Let’s try again and learn from our mistakes.

The people who have access to the data can make accurate predictions through data analytics. This gives them the upper hand on investments. They also have sat on the captial.

We have a new global monarchy.

But. We can still change this.

Bottom up, individual data ownership and sharing economies are essential to building a stable society of the future.