The Solution to the Migrant Crisis

There are not that many migrants in the EU. A bit more than a million, relative to the 500 million European is miniscule. Here is a picture to put that in perspective.

Number of Europeans
Number of Migrants

So for every migrant there are 500 Europeans. That’s hardly a “swarm”.

So why are politicians making such a big deal out of it?

How Much Power Does the EU Really Have?

The migrant crisis is freaking the EU out because it is putting their power to the test. Although the EU has a say in the laws and ways things should be on paper, most of the implementation and handling of tax money is done by European governments.

The European governments are not playing by the rules they agreed to at the EU.

Building walls, bussing people off into another country or stopping people getting into trains, is hardly the implementation of a free movement of people within the Schengen area.

Germany has closed its border with Austria off and on, Slovenia is sending trainloads of people back to Croatia, Croatia is bussing them to the border with Hungary, and Hungary has built a wall to keep them out.

The Countries People can Move about Freely (In Theory)

All of the tax money is collected and distributed by nation states (not the EU). All the implementation of law is down by nation states (not the EU). So whatever the EU says they simply do not have the final word and power — this lies in the nation states.

When everything is hunky dory, things like the Schengen agreement are easy to agree to. But now that there is this trend of mass migration, the genuinely of these ties are being tested.

Like the Greek debt crisis (and the whole “PIGS” situation) — the role and power of the EU are being scrutinised.

Why are the Legal Channels for Asylum not Working?

First, what are the legal channels ? The Rules:

— You have to apply for assylum from within the country you are applying to. You have to physically get to Germany or the UK or another European country to start the paperwork. To get there you usually need a visa and enough money to buy a plane ticket — two things that not everyone can get easily, especially when your country is being stormed by violent madness.

— If an airline takes a person to a country without the proper paperwork, the airline is responsible for paying the price of deportation. So no commerical airline is gonna not check your papers.

— The asylum application process should be done in the European country where the migrant arrives (agreed in the Dublin Procedures). So, Greece, usually. But Greece has issues with debt and resulting joblessness (part 2: EU vs. National States). Nobody wants to stay in Greece right now, even the Greeks are leaving.

— If you move to another EU country, you should be returned to the country you first came into. If you swim to Greece and walk to another country, how are the officials going to know a) where you are from anyway b) where you came from?

— Lastly, there are just not enough spots relative to the demand. There are more people that need asylum than open asylum application spots.

The current flow of migrants is chaotic and partly illegal. Just walking and swimming across continents is not within a formal structure or plan protecting the person moving, or the people in the place where they are moving through. It’s chaotic, anarchy.

Nation States — Not Walking the Talk

If you are part of the United Nations you have to play by the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights with beefed out text from the 1951 Convention on the States of Refugees. In short people have the “right to seek and enjoy asylum”. If you are part of the European Union, since 1991 you have to play by the rules set out by the Common European Asylum System (CEAS), which is intended to ensure that the rights of refugees under international law are protected in its member states. So, rather than 28 different laws trying to make a solid joint plan. In theory, European countries need to take people in, in practice the governments are not all implementing this deal.

Power Games: EU vs. Governments vs. Mayors

If your a city mayor, declaring independence will give you access to more tax dosh and POWER.

If you are a government, declaring independence from the EU will mean you have to play by less rules imposed by international agreements.

The incentives of individuals in power structures do not always match ideological ambitions.

Politicians talk about the masses in exactly the same way the masses talk about politicians — they are “stupid”. Mindless irrational beings that manipulatively say one thing and do another.

We, the people, should “stop buying handbags from Africans making a buck on the European coastlines” — A European Politician.

The Rise of the Facists

Sensationalism is the weapon of the right wing political parties in the nation states. They are using this test to break down the unity of Europe and try and get more personal power.

It is easier to respond to more immediate visual urgent crisis than underlying systems. It’s the old ‘fishing rod vs. fish’ idea. We should fix the system to alter the root cause, not respond to the problem with plasters.

The nation states are still obsessed with themselves and are not looking at the bigger picture.

Racism is a form of extreme narcism, and inbreeding is karma

We Should Fix the System, Not Put Plasters on the Problem

I love where the EU comes from: to put an end to European countries fighting.

But I think for this to work, we need to look at whats working, and what’s not working. The EU should have more power. Members should only be members when they really do abide to the things they agreed to abide by. There should be consequences for those who do not walk the talk.

Rather than only responding to the drowning individual we should build a system, together, that allows people to travel safely and with a legal structure around them.

1. build coherent EU Funded border controls around the Schengen area

2. set up asylum application centres outside of the EU (Dimitris Avramopoulos in the European Commision is setting this in motion)

3. set up effective EU funded rescue systems for migrants travelling illegal sea routes that take them back to a place where they took off from and make sure there is an assylum application centre there

4. invest in external EU development and incentivise trade, rather than aid and military intervention — trade not aid!

5. give refugees a proper work permit

6. give obligatory cultural courses to harmonise any differences and integrate people