What is the Next Revolution After Tech?

Social revolution.

Human survival will be automated through tech. We have mastered life. Dying will be more and more of a choice rather than a need, although the fundamental wearing down of the body will continue, and we still haven’t worked out what ‘consciousness’ is — so are far from imortalising it.

Today, the rage is tech. Tech will fix everything. Artificial intelligence will automate all processes and speed up development without the need for a big workforce.

But will life be hunky dory?

My biggest fear is other humans. We have barely begun to be able to really measure the brain and start to quantify motivation and human behaviour through reward circuits. Let alone, understand the interaction between groups of humans. Let alone, interactions between different groups of humans.

Most of our real problems are made by each other, and our selves. We are our own worst enemy.

War, conflict and power games ride through us so strongly that it is difficult to pry the natural away from the nutured. Are we born to kill, compete and dominate? Or are we born to cooperate, be alturistic and love?

We are better off when we cooperate. It is difficult to do everything alone. Do we help people to help ourselves? Perhaps coorperation is selfish? Perhaps being ultimately selfish is suicidal?

The Next Revolution of Innovation Will Be Social

We have reached a critical stage on our planet — where we are using so many resources in a unsustainable way that we may cause the whole system to collapse and we would all die.

“Fixing climate change is not about saving the planet, it’s about saving our own survival”

Because of the sustainability issue we are being forced to cooperate. There is increasing natural pressure to do something about our energy production, use of resources and disposal.

Circular economies are key to our survival as a species.

To maximise coorperation we need to understand human motivation and make human hacks through social innovation.