Streaming Music is Ripping You Off
Sharky Laguana

the main thing is not that “streaming industry is ripping us off”. The main point is, that streamin industry is ripping Artists off. I have a few musician friends (myself being a hobbyist musician) popular in our country. Most of them telling me they will keep their next albums away from streaming services, at least for now.

I guess, the problem lies in relationships between streaming services and big labels, which, of course favours the current split model (as they keep the main part of the pie), and those labels will do all they can to keep it this way.

As for streaming services — they desparately need big names on the list to attract mainstream listeners. So in short term, it’s definitely the only way for them to play hand in hand with majority labels. In long term, one would say, it could ruing all small artists.

I hope, at some point, hopefully in near future, we will see a “fair-cut” streaming service. Of course, first it will be without big labels, just forward-thinking artists, who skip main streaming services, and sign up for this one.In ideal world, after some time, most of the indie/small bands would jump the ships. Then we would see the landscape changing — I would never ever sign to a service, which streams only major pop artists.

To wrap it up. It’s not only us — listeners, who should take actions. It’s artists. They should stand for themsleves and we should support them. With all due respect, standing and crying nowadays will give You nothing. Life is not always fair (even not most of the time), but everyone can make it a little bit better. Anyone up for building an “fair-cut” streaming service?