What Google Reveals About Feeling Unwanted
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I’m curious as to what you would term a man to want. Of course this depends from man to man – but on the general status of things I.e what most men would want. (You may have already written about this – and if so sorry! I must have missed it)

Although I do agree that women should also be concerned about what their man wants, are there similar trending searches regarding a man finding that his partner is no longer interested and what might be causing that?

Similarly, I think the feminist focus has been heavily based on terming women to be enough because a lot of the oness once in a relationship has been commonly termed around a mans needs and his wife or partner meeting them – else he will go elsewhere and so on. I don’t think it’s a bad thing but I do agree with you a lot that men and women don’t seem to understand each other very well anymore.

Although similarly I think both struggle to understand what they actually want.

(I’ll go find the article now! And come back when I have more wifi)