Mixsie Personality Corner . Meet rising blogger/digital marketing trainer. Tunny Ogunnowo.

Hello and welcome to another edition of MIXSIE PERSONALITY CORNER. Today’s personality is a young and vibrant gentleman, who is fast growing in the world of blogging and digital marketing and also the brain behind DMTC (Digital Marketing Training Class) Nigeria’s first practical digital marketing training institute. Lets meet him.

Founder; DMTC

1. Tell us about yourself:

I am Tunny Ogunnowo. Though my name really is Babatunde but I’m popularly called Tunny. I’m from Ogun state, Ijebu Igbo precisely. I am a graduate of Economics Education from Olabisi Onabanjo University and also a graduate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (with a proficiency certificate in management).

A Digital & Social Media Marketing Executive, brand strategist, writer, talker, an award winning blogger, online public relations executive/publicist and a contributor on social media with interest in management, developmental economics and the media (both conventional and new media).

Also the team lead for Absolute Hearts Media (AHM), a digital marketing and media company. The founder of Digital Marketing Training Class (DMT Class), Nigeria’s first practical digital marketing training institute and I’m also the chief editor of Absolute Hearts Blog (AHB), a lifestyle and entertainment website.

2. How did you find your way into the world of blogging and digital Marketing?

Well I had always been someone who loves the internet and digital devices. Back in 2012 I was spending time surfing the internet and stumbled one a way to open a blog so I started, but then I was only a blogger not a full blown digital marketer but as time went on I read more and developed myself on opportunities available on the internet.

I just thought if I could be spending so much time on the internet, I should channel it into doing something worthwhile. There wasn’t much trainings I could go for then because countries like Nigeria hadn’t keyed into digital media as at then.
 All I did was search for materials on the internet and that was how I developed myself. Years passed, I later attended few trainings but most of what I know today learnt on my own but anyway we are where we are today.

3. How long have you been into blogging and digital marketing and what are the challenges you’ve been faced with so far?

I started blogging in 2012 so I’ve been in this for over 4 years now. There were few challenges when I started but some have been conquered. Back then, rate of internet subscription was a challenge, but as time went on the prices of data got cheaper except for recently when NCC came with price hike and thank God it failed.

However one challenge that still lingers is the epileptic power supply in Nigeria. This is because we majorly use digital platforms and devices in my line of career and we often revert to using generators and spending high on petrol (smiles). I know most Nigerians can relate.

4. Have you ever felt like giving up?

Oh YES, even more times than I can remember but the thing about doing what you’re passionate about is that the energy to keep pushing through overwhelms the thoughts of giving up because you will feel empty if you try to quit. Even sometimes it feels like you are doing more and getting fewer results. I sometimes feel like closing up AHM but at those times I just pray and then sleep and every time I do that, I wake up as if nothing happened and with the energy to keep pushing through.

5. What would you say has been your driving force as a young entrepreneur?

Well, I think I have a couple of driving forces. First is the Almighty. Second is the passion to be a problem solver. Third is the fear of being irrelevant. Another is the zeal to add value to people and businesses (especially in Africa) with my line of profession; so that these businesses and individuals can meet up to their personal or organizational goals. Also Africa and the African economy can be at the forefront of global attraction.
 I have lots of driving forces; I can go on and on but let me hang it here.

6. Its been said that leaders are readers, how often do you read? Mention 3 books you’ve read recently.

Well I think I read as often as time permits me. I try my best but most times I read books that can develop me in my line of career. Though I’m now trying to read other books. Right now I am on a book called ‘Success Attributes’, the book was written and given to me by a client.

I also recently read “Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do’, I don’t know why I am just reading that book because it feels like I am the last person reading the book. Also, I read a book called ‘Confessions Of A Guru Wannabe’ written by a role model of mine called Dr Ope Banwo. All read in the last 4 weeks.

7. Any final words for young innovative people like yourself?

Go all out for whatever your heart desires. As far as you can dream it, you can achieve it. I know there are times you will feel like falling out especially in these trying times we find ourselves in Nigeria.

The thing about not quitting and pushing through is that doors will eventually open and obstacles will eventually be submerged. Success is a journey and not a destination so keep moving forward in your own journey lane. You are successful in your own right.

8. Any event from you we need to look out for?

Oh YES.. The second edition of our Digital Marketing Training Class will be holding on Saturday,21st of January 2017. DMT Class was birthed out of the need to add value to young individuals, equip them with skills to survive in this digital age and help them to be able to add value to other individuals and brands.

Get full information on our next Digital Marketing Training at Digital Marketing Training Class 2.0 Registration page

9. Shout out to anyone special?

My shout out goes to the only woman who can give birth to me and cope with me all at the same time. She’s my world…… Also a big shout out to Hafeez Onitilo, he would kill me if I don’t shout him out. He is the assistant head at Absolute Hearts Media..

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