I Had Forgotten…

Lately, it seems like things have been in constant motion all around me. Since I started writing, however, it’s like there’s also been an awakening. I’ve remembered things about myself that I didn’t even know I had forgotten. I’m almost embarrassed to say that my list is rather lengthy. I had forgotten my love for museums, libraries, going to the movies by myself, and jazz music. When I was a kid, my mother would let me walk to the museum alone. The museum was across the street from the library. I loved both! My love affair with artifacts and books was so deep that at one point in my life, I had considered majoring in art history. At another point, I considered a Master’s degree in Library Science. During my freshman year in college, I had taken a semester to volunteer at the university museum. Hell, I had even forgotten that! Even later in life, I used to tutor adults who had trouble reading — completely forgot about that. I used to love jazz music and even considered a career in radio. But, I left that career path to my mother.

As for movies, I didn’t forget that I loved them but, I did forget how I could fall into a movie and not come back up for air until days later. Actors are one of God’s greatest gifts. Because I love people in all their beautiful shapes and sizes, my appreciation for actors is almost astronomical — right up there with my view of singers. And although I enjoy talking about a great movie, as an introvert, I can go over and over my favorite scenes in my head like a reader obsessed with her favorite book’s best chapter. I don’t particularly miss the single life, but enjoying a great movie, with a soda and some mozzarella sticks ALL BY MYSELF is damn near perfection to me. And, I had forgotten that!

I had forgotten that I was a nerd and comfortable with that fact. My family is full of educated people, and being smart was always a good thing. So, on the rare occasion when I was bullied, my family would rally around me, give me plenty of support by reminding me that they were all smart and they all turned out fine. You know, sticks and stones. Whatever, keep it moving… So, I remembered that I enjoy comic books (mostly comic book stores, but that’s another story for another day) and sci-fi TV shows and movies. I’m a 2nd generation Trekkie (raising a 3rd generation Trekkie — and proud of it)! I’m not a Jedi, but I damn sure am a Rebel Leader for The Resistance. I am an X-Files junkie (yes, I DO believe). But, one thing I didn’t forget: I love to dance!

Lit Nerd Alert!

Here’s where remembering has me now: I was a tomboy who grew up to be eccentric, so I’m not fashionable, but I can rock a my natural like the best of them. I love my silver jewelry, maxi skirts, the Harry Potter and Twilight series (movies and books). I am spiritual and mystical. I know there is a God; I know there are angels and saints. I know that He has gifted me with discernment, feeling everything from everyone everywhere, making me truly Rumi’s the soul of wherever I stand. That said, I’m learning to better secure my heart and mind when I encounter mean-spirited people. I am a mutant with unspecified superpowers, and why not? Being a black woman in 2017 America makes me a target of all matter of vile things, and yet, I thrive. All of this and still I’m an animal lover, a supporter of human rights and the environment. I love police officers AND abhor police brutality — the latter, a concept very easy to understand really. It truly is quite possible to love domestic life and abhor domestic violence. Broaden your minds and imagine that!

Before I float on, let it be known that I’m praying for this country and this world. We are all in this together. My truest hope is that we will all see this fact much sooner rather than later. You cannot say All Lives Matter without understanding that Black Lives Matter, too. Don’t ever forget that.

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