My Son Is Gender Creative

Stereotypical thoughts on human behavior have long become lackluster. It takes a nice mix of anthropology & biology to put a light to it. Most often in nature, it is the male species that is considered to be ‘ eye-candy ‘. The females remain naturally camouflaged to preserve the outcome of the offspring… which contributes to keeping their species intact.

Human beings seemed more than slightly amiss from this~It has just been the last ten years or so that men are running neck-n-neck with their female counterparts in becoming more engaged in this new Renaissance of men most definitely looking both Spectacular & ultimate Swag.

Looking around at this ongoing emergence of the younger men who are & have been rising within the ranks of leagues of very successful men before them. These are guys who are comfortable with themselves. They have confidence. They are not wearing or looking like something they do not resonate. If they are outdoorsy, then they look respectfully healthy, other men want to compete professionally, some in an athletics, some on Wall Street. Some men feel their very best if they are more regal or refined. Some men are artistic | unconventional & they damned well know how to work that look. Being true to yourself reflects confidence.