Episode one:

I didn’t know what was happening. I heard the alarm go off, and at the same time I heard screams from the other side of the building. So I started sprinting toward the door. The last thing I remember was tripping on what I think was a wire. Then I woke up in a a dark room. I couldn’t see anything until I managed to find a light switch. It was a small room, all it had was a bed in the corner, and door. That’s where I am now. Staring at bed, wondering what happened, and if my family and friends are okay.

“What now?” I asked myself.

After what felt like hours of staring at nothing, I decided to go lay down on the bed.

I felt a COMBINATION of scared, worried, nervous, it was a feeling I will never forget. I tried sleeping, but how could I? I was pacing back and forth until, suddenly, I heard a squeak. There was a loose tile on the floor. I lifted it up to find something EXTRAORDINARY. It was a map, I have no idea of what, I only got to look at it for maybe ten seconds because I heard foot steps coming. I quickly put the tile back, and scrambled to my feet just in time. The door was opening.

“Step out of the room”, said the guard. He was definitely taller then 6 foot, carrying a gun, and wearing a helmet.

I was scared, but I couldn’t show it, I tried acting CONFIDENT but he saw right through me.

“Where am I?” I tried asking.

That was a MISTAKE. He fired the gun right behind me, it was a near miss.

“Step out of the room.” He demanded again.

I started walking toward the door, he grabbed me and demanded me to put a blind fold on. So I did, he started leading me to hallways. I didn’t tie the bandana around my head that tight, so I saw where I was going. The hallways were filled with offices. It looked like a CIRCUS. Everything was DISORGANIZED, every one was doing a million things at once. We went down a set of stairs, into an interrogation room. He sat me down, then DISMISSED himself from the room. Two people walked in. One wearing a collared shirt, and old jeans, he walked into the corner. He must be the SUPERVISOR. The other one was a girl, she was wearing a blazer, and pretty young, maybe around 25.

She said,”What did you see?”, without INTRODUCING herself first.

I told her that I last remember hearing an alarm, but then I tripped and woke up in the room they put me in. I had a million questions to ask her, but whenever I was about to ask something she would INTERJECT.

“Are you sure that is what happened? If you tell us the truth we will give you our word that your family is safe.”, she replied.

I was telling the truth, why wouldn’t they believe me? I did not say anything, I looked her in the eye so she knew I was not lying. Then both of them started walking out of the room.

“Where am I? What happened?”, I quickly asked.

They acted as though they did not even hear my question, and continued walking out of the room. The supervisor went to close the door behind him, but it did not close all the way, and it swung back open. I walked toward the door. There was no one outside. So I took my chance, and ran.

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Episode 2:

The second I started running, I PREDICTED I would get caught. I followed the NEON exit sign that was above a double door, or at least I thought it said exit. Everything started getting blurry and I felt as though I was slowing down. I suddenly got really sore, it felt like I was running for CENTURIES, but it was barely 10 seconds. I have to stop. But I thought to late, I’m already on the dusty ground screaming in pain. With my blurry vision, I saw three guards running up to me.

“What did you do to me!”, I screamed.

But before I heard the answer I blacked out.

I woke up in the same room as before. At least I think so, maybe they’re all the same. I tried getting up, but I couldn’t. My body wasn’t letting me. They are holding me CAPTIVE again. I know that I can check by seeing if the tile is loose, and if there is a diagram under it. It’s IMPORTANT that I go analyze the map for a way out. But I couldn’t move.

“I’ll just wait till tomorrow”, I thought.

But how will I know when tomorrow comes? No window, no clock, nothing.

I woke up the next day, I think, with a tray on the floor. It had a plain granola bar, a bruised apple, and a cup of water on it.

“How am I going to survive the day with just this?”

I’m going to have to ADAPT. The DISCOMFORT of the metal framed bed made my back ache, but I knew I had to get up to check the sketch. It might tell me where I am, and maybe even why. I lifted up the tile, thank got it was there! The large piece of paper was folded up to fit in someone’s pocket. The writing on it was hard to read, almost like SCRIBBLES, but I wasn’t complaining for it’s all I have for the chance to SUCCEED. I PROCEEDED to look at the map.

“I think I found my way out,” I thought.

I thought I heard someone coming, so once again I covered the paper as fast as I could and then hustled to the bed. Right as I sat down the room started filling with some kind of fumes.

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Episode three:

I woke up in a room, my vision still a little blurry. I heard voices outside, I think they were talking about TRANSFERRING me somewhere else. My plan was to walk closer to the door so that I can hear what they say. But the moment I got up I got pushed back into my chair. I was handcuffed to a table, and I wasn’t in my room, I wasn’t in the interrogation room, I was somewhere else. It was a room with black walls and a black floor with a singe light over my head. I was sitting in a metal chair, next to a metal table.

Of course I tried getting out of the handcuffs but it was no use, I was tired and with every movement I made, the handcuffs got tighter. Then something got lowered into the room, it was some sort of television. After a few moments it turned on and a VIDEO started playing.

“Today on TV news we REVIEW last weeks bombing on Pine Grove High School killing 1,587 people, and injuring 256. The illegal chemical bomb was found in what was the school cafeteria. After CONDUCTING a search, the same chemicals were found in Olivia Hart’s school locker.”

I was speechless, they have to be talking about another Olivia Hart. And another Pine Grove. How could they think I was capable of this? This has to be a joke, not a very funny one. A million thoughts went through my head, how is this possible?

A PHOTOGRAPH of me was on the TV.

“Olivia Hart, REPORTED missing, last seen May 6, 2014 at Pine Grove Library. If any one has seen or heard from her, call immediately, it can save lives.”

How can they think I’m dangerous?

The TV was still on but it started rising again. The door opened and in came the girl with the blazer.

“We need you to tell us the following information, are there anymore bombs? Who helped you? Why did you do it?” She asked as though she was sure it was me.

“Didn’t the thought ever come to you that I was framed? Because I was. You’re just not looking hard enough for EVIDENCE because that’s what you guys do. You try to find someone that can take the blame so the public thinks they’re safe,” I thought I sounded confident, but I wasn’t 100% sure because I was still trying to process the information.

She was about to speak but was interrupted by a PHONE call, and quickly walked out the door.

The girl with the blazer acted OMNIPOTENT, I don’t understand why someone would trust her with a lot power. Sure I didn’t know her but she acted coarse and ignorant, definitely not VIVACIOUS.

So there I was, handcuffed to a table for something I didn’t do. After hours of waiting someone finally came back into the room, but this time it was someone that could actually help me.

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Episode four:

I was in the interrogation room losing all hope when my chemistry partner and best friend, named Claire, walked in. I was so thrilled when I saw a familiar face, I didn’t care for what she came to say.

But she didn’t look as excited, that’s when I started to panic. So instead of asking her what happened, I said this:

“What’s the bad news?”

“I’m afraid the news I carry isn’t very BENEFICIAL, well at least for now” Claire answered, she went on,

“I know you didn’t make the bomb, but I figured out how it was made. With the information I have, I might be able to find out who did it. But..”

“I don’t understand, you said that it was bad news, that sounded MAGNIFICENT,” now I know I shouldn’t have INTERJECTED, but I couldn’t help myself.

“It’s going to take me a while if I don’t want to draw attention to myself. Also you can’t tell anyone, I have a bad feeling about this.”

“How long will it take?”

“I’ve estimated at least a few weeks, I hope you don’t have CLAUSTROPHOBIA because you might be in that cell for a while. I’ll try to come back and visit as often as possible but the location of this place is preposterous.”

Before either one of us could say another word, she was escorted out. The woman wearing a blazer walked in. Right when she saw the look of DEVASTATION on my face, she showed a little smirk. She introduced herself, she said her name was Karen Talley and she was the detective working on my case. She added a few comments about herself, she has worked in many METROPOLIS settings and she had a very good REPUTATION solving government level cases. When I first met her she seemed AMORPHOUS, but now she seems way more PUNCTILIOUS. I didn’t really pay attention to anything else, I was too busy thinking of who could be the real criminal. I don’t think anything she said would BENEFIT my situation anyways.

After a week of wearing orange, Claire came back.

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Episode five:

“I have some good news,” Claire softly said. She did not want others around us to hear. But, as soon as I heard those words come out of her mouth, I started HYPERVENTILATING. Which I’m sure got us some unwanted attention. Ignoring my reaction, Claire continued on,

“Before I say anything else you need to know there are a couple other ALTERNATIVES. I have had some SURPLUS time to think, and finding out the real criminal might not be the best option. Especially since who ever did this, well, most likely works for the government.”


“I have RECOGNIZED some of the chemicals, but I asked the COGNOSCENTE for help as well. He established that only someone with access to a government level lab would have been able to get a hold of the uncommon chemicals used.”

“Maybe I didn’t understand the DIALOGUE you used, but that sounds like great evidence to me! I just want to get out of here, then afterwards you can try finding who ever did this,” I sharply responded.

After a few minutes Claire explained that the evidence she was going to use to prove my innocence was stolen. At least she thinks so. The next ten minutes or so she was trying to convince me to admit to the felony, as I might have a few less years in jail. Now call me a LUNATIC but what Claire was saying? It sounded absurd. Why would I admit to something I didn’t do? Something I had taken no part in. Continuing on with the same conversation, I said to Claire,

“You must REVITALIZE your way of thinking! You can still find some other evidence linking it to another person,” this might turn into a DISASTER but I have nothing to lose.

I probably shouldn’t have been so inconsiderate, it may have cost me my best friend and only hope.

At least I thought so, after what felt like DECADES, Claire decided to come and visit.

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Episode six:

I TEMPORARILY felt EXCLUDED, no one had said anything to me about the case in forever. I was ecstatic when I saw Claire. I automatically told her how sorry I was, and that I was so GRATEFUL for her helping me.

“We don’t have time for all that right now, I came to tell you that I know who it is!”, she EXCLAIMED, “I forgot that I set up a DNA test, and I finally got back the results. It was Mary Wilson, she’s the one that interviewed you on the first day.”

Before I could say anything, she added, “The only thing is she took the results as evidence. I think she is going to ABRUPT the real results and make them look as though it was someone else, you, or make the test inconclusive. I am CURRENTLY running a second test, but I don’t have a lot to go on, hopefully there will be enough.” She was not very confident, but I trusted that she would find something.

“I don’t understand,” I added, “how can she change the results of a test, won’t other people see that it was her?”

“Unfortunately she has PRIME authority on evidence, she gets first look. So she can change it without anyone noticing. PLUS, she can always SEPARATE this evidence from the rest, making it look as it was never there.” Claire responded.

Trying to interpret the EGREGIOUS news, I remembered that we had learned to replace, or revive, files that had been deleted in one of my classes. At least it was worth a try.

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Episode seven:

Sitting in the same metal, hard, loud, UNCOMFORTABLE chair, Mary Wilson walked in,

“We need to have a BREIF conversation, you should now that what I’m about to say in confidential, and will not be recorded, or in the books.”

She expected me to responded, but I didn’t, I REFUSED too. I wasn’t really listening to what she was about to say anyways, her hideous DIAGONAL striped shirt was distracting me. Once it was clear to her I was not going to continue on the DIALOGUE, she went on,

“You must not go to the POLICE with the information you have, you couldn’t even if you wanted to. But if you were to think about it, you should know that I have the power to say that their was some CONFUSION with the investigation. And not only are you the suspect, but your POLITE, innocent, guiltless friend was involved as well.”

I tried as hard as I could not to speak out, but I couldn’t help myself,

“But theirs a POLICY! What you are doing is very ILLEGAL! You are the most gruesome, abominable, human being I have ever met! And their is no way you are going to get away with this!”

She responded,

“I don’t have to get away with it, because you are not going to say anything. Especially since you know the consequences if you do tell, which you won’t.”

Before I could get another word in she walked out. But I knew Claire would find a way to solve the problem, she always does.

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Episode nine:

The next time I saw Clarie I knew she came bearing good news. She usually spoke with a lack of CONFIDENCE, not this time. I couldn’t understand anything she was saying, she was speaking very rapidly. That was until she handed me a PHOTOGRAPH of Karen Talley in Pine Grove High school, next to my locker, which was opened.

“I don’t understand, schools don’t have security camera…” My voice was so shaky, it sounded like I was in an open room with a loud echo, during an earthquake.

“There aren’t. But they are across the street at the supermarket. It took some convincing to look back at the footage. We are so lucky that there’s a camera that captures a HEXAGON- shaped window, that looks inside of our school. Your locker happens to be in view of that window.”

Finally Clarie’s INSANE SCIENCE knowledge is put into use. She explained to me how I should COOPERATE, so maybe Ms. Talley will not be on my case anymore, so when Claire shows the evidence it will not be destroyed. FINALY we formed an effective plan. Well, at least it was not a PATHETIC one that has no chance of helping.

Once our intention was clear, we got to talk about another TOPIC. Something completely unrelated, which was pleasantly different than usual. She told me about a CACOPHONY of deafening alarms that went off when, a few blocks away from our block, our first grade teachers house caught on fire. Sirens were rare in our small town, their was never any need for them. Everyone knew each other, and had trust in one-another.

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