Can Digital Products Be “Timeless?”
Adam Kopec

Very fresh look, and interesting comparison.

To me the real question is: should digital design strive to be timeless?

Your example of the Porsche is a thankful one in this respect: cars are bound by expensive physicalities of production. Dies need to be cast, crash approvals need to be met. Any change in your product is very expensive and thus avoided. It’s why the door of a 1995 993 will fit a 1963 911, for example.

Now we have a way of designing that invites endless iteration, which allows you to tailor any design to a very specific usecase. If the usecase changes you just change the design. No harm done and no money lost.

Beauty, purpose, and relevance is something I feel you should design for. Timelessness is something that can perhaps come out of those. It’s a result, not a goal.