Eddie Partyka, Bates Butchers & Deli

Our independent butcher on Church Square.

Eddie Partyka
  1. How long has it been a Butcher’s shop? It’s been a Butcher’s shop for years and years. Back in the day, the shop was part of the farm with it’s own abattoir and orchard stretching up Roman Way. The Sainsbury’s car park used to be a cattle market then!
  2. Who is Edward Partyka? That’s me! I bought the business in 1995 having started off aged 13/14 as a Saturday lad, then got my apprenticeship and eventually bought out the then owner, who retired. Around 2000 we extended the shop to include a Delicatessen.
  3. Where does your meat come from? Lamb from Mark Skinner in Laughton, Beef from John Keal in Walcote, Pork from Blythburgh in Suffolk and Game from Keythorpe Game Ltd, Tugby.
  4. Who is in the Shop with you? Sean Basey, Amy and Kirsty in the Deli.
  5. What else do you sell? We make all our own sausages and pies. In the Deli we sell soups, cakes, salads, sausage rolls and sandwiches all to take away.
  6. What would be your favourite meal? Beef en Croute — fillet steak surrounded in Brixworth Paté and flaky pastry. Bloody lovely it is!

Bates Butchers & Deli

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