Kirsty Clarke

Waterloo Cottage Farm, Great Oxendon

Kirsty Clarke
  1. How long have you been established and how did it come about? We’ve been going 11 years now. I used to be a Children’s Nurse in Edinburgh way back and moved here to be with my husband Angus. He is passionate about farming and learning about different methods and ways of farming. This opportunity came up, we sold a ski chalet in France and within six weeks we had 6 piglets, 10 ewes and some chickens. Some 18 months later we had 70 pigs!
  2. What is different about Waterloo Cottage Farm? We are passionate about what we do. Producing quality meat that not only tastes great, but that is good for you, meat that hasn’t been pumped full of antibiotics and chemicals. That obviously applies to the land too. All our animals are pasture-fed therefore and are truly free range. Reared to the highest welfare standard.
  3. Tell us about these chemicals — well for example did you know that wheat in the bread we eat has had about 10 chemicals sprayed on it? Two of those are actually banned in Europe right now! These same chemicals could find their way into the grain we feed animals so we cannot take that risk and hence our move to a pasture-fed approach with our livestock.
  4. There seems to be so much going on at Waterloo Cottage Farm…what is keeping you so busy? We breed our own sheep, pigs and have a herd of Highland cattle on about 125 acres of land. We opened a Farmshop on the farm and employ a butcher so we use absolutely everything. There is no wastage! We hang beef for four weeks, and lamb for 7–10 days and then anything that isn’t sold is then made into pre-cooked meals. There is a Community Garden for those wanting to GYO but perhaps don’t have the space or know how. Help out and reap the spoils. Right now we have an abundance of red currants. We have a Herbalist who treats our animals and grows plants for remedies.
  5. What does the Farmshop sell? A bit of everything! Our range of meat; sausages, pre-cooked curries and pies. We have weekly meat boxes of various descriptions. You can have half a pig should you wish. We have a deli section, we sell local honey, bread, home grown vegetables and a range of Adnams wines. 80% of their wine is either bio dynamic or organic. We sell local beers and gins too.
  6. What gives you most satisfaction? I am a people person and so it’s great being in the Shop, knowing our customers and the friends we’ve made along the way. More and more customers have been advised to change their diets due to illness and that’s gratifying too when they come in and are feeling better thanks to the meat/diet they now eat.
  7. Your favourite dish using produce from the farm? Slow roasted shoulder of hoggett with lentils, onion and garlic and plenty of fresh veg.
  8. Lastly, other events? We have wine tasting every Saturday 11–3pm. We hold pork pie and sausage making sessions and a Butchery Masterclass. A Yurt Café is planned for the Spring.

Closed Mon-Tues. Weds-Fri 9am-7pm. Sat 8am-4pm. Sunday 10am-1pm

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