Welcome to The Harborough Foodie.

Love this town and all it has to offer; the deli’s, the brewers, the artisan bakeries, tea shops and farm shops to name a few. There is a huge variety of shops and businesses on our doorstep. We have much to enjoy and as we keep hearing “Local food supports local people”. There’s never been a better time to do so. Hope you can join me in my quest to seek out great places to eat, coffee places to meet, delicious produce and supplies to buy and please share your favourites too. I’d love to hear your recommendations.

I shall be going behind the scenes and meeting some food suppliers in and around town so look out for these over the coming weeks. Sustainable Harborough have developed this brilliant map showing many of the local food and drink retailers. If you are new to Market Harborough then here’s your guide to the food and drink scene in and around town.

Why buy and eat local?

When you shop at locally owned, independent businesses more money is kept in the community because local businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers and farms. You are helping money stay in the community.

Buying and eating local food invariably means you are eating food that is in season, food that hasn’t travelled miles and miles and that all sounds good to me! By choosing local food, you are supporting producers who keep their farms at a humane-scale, breeders who raise their livestock with care, and farmers who practise their harvesting by respecting the soil, countryside and biodiversity. They are not intensively farming out of season produce with extensive use of chemicals. Seasonal fruit and veg also provide us with the vitamins and minerals our bodies need at that particular time of year. The quicker the journey from farm to fork the better the food is for you!

What about food waste?

You may have noticed it’s a hot topic at present!

According to food waste charity WRAP, a third of all food produced ends up in the bin. The average UK family throws away £60 of food a month! A month!! This includes the 24 million slices of bread, 5.8 million potatoes and almost two million slices of ham that we chuck every day. Apart from the obvious waste think what you could do with the extra £60 a month? £700 a year?

So I aim to bring you a few tips and ideas on how we might do our little bit to reduce waste. Will you join me with a pledge or two?

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