Lol I have shared this picture everywhere. What can I say? When I have a good picture, I have to let people see.

So I graduated on the 18th of July 2017 from the university of Manchester with a BA in Economics and Social Studies with honours. Achieving this made me realise that it was time to share my experience at university with the public. I can’t go into too much personal details but I’m hoping that by doing this, I can help as many people as I can who struggle with opening up to people.


In university I struggled. No lie. I did. Academically, Socially, Physically. People thought I was doing fine. Nope. I was not. For most of my three years, I hid behind smiles. However I did not want people to be burdened with my problems because everyone has their own baggage that they are carrying you know. When I had problems in school, I did not tell anyone. Not even my parents. Nobody knew. I was afraid that by telling them, I had already failed them. I’m sure this sounds like a Hollywood movie but it’s as real as it gets. Now I am not broken or anything like that but I just really had a difficult time opening up to people generally because I felt like i was a burden and a few times, people I opened up to would end up “leaving” me Lol.

Anyway I got to a point where I was depressed because I was not doing well in any area of my life and I was so unsure of myself. It affected everything around me including my relationships with my family and friends. I knew I was not helping myself but I was too stubborn and proud. I always wanted to be alone and I prayed some funky prayers sometimes as well. It was very stressful to be alive at that point.

One day though, in my final year, I couldn’t take it anymore and I just had to talk. While I was in the library for my 2nd Semester exams, I broke down around 3am and I spoke and cried and spoke and cried to God and I asked God to help me and have mercy because I was tired of carrying things on my own because I did not want people to think I had issues.

Fast forward to now, I have never felt better. It has been so relieving to get things off my chest and I’m thankful because I got through some challenges by just saying how I felt and I’m a happier person.

Never keep certain feelings to yourself.

It will only eat you up inside and make you bitter and depressed. There will be people you can trust. You just need to take the risk.

It’s okay to be more emotional than others

It does not make you any less of a person than those that can keep themselves together in tough times. We are wired different and there are people who love you just the way you are.

Ask for help when you need it, not when it’s too late.

Academically especially in the case of university. Meet your teachers, students that can explain it to you. It will go a long way in helping you achieve your goal.

Finally, please remember,


Even when you have lost some hope, please remember.

I will leave you with a song as usual! This one is called Made A Way by Travis Greene. Much love and kisses.

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