Post Removed

Daniela, you seem to have missed the point. Fred was making assumptions about Sara and wrote his review from a disconnected perspective which is further fueled by composing it from behind a computer screen. He assumed she wasn’t the business owner, assumed her primary work duty was to make an appearance for customers, and based on a few interactions, extrapolated personality characteristics that perhaps are not accurate. I’d argue that you do the same in your post, so it’s actually more appropriate to liken you to Fred.

To illustrate, let’s do a little exercise. Knowing nothing about who you actually are as a person, I’ll use your post to make a few assumptions about you. I’m assuming that you don’t have an autistic child or know anyone with autism due to your insensitivity to Sara’s circumstances. Based on your punctuation and grammatical errors, I’ll assume that you’re uneducated. I’ll back this up with evidence that you didn’t perform a simple Google search to determine what makes re-posting a photo unethical or not (Check out for a simple flow chart. Also, there’s a deeper message here: by reposting his photo, Sara is defying the shallow disconnect afforded by the Internet, which is an overarching theme of her response. Shame on him for saying anything about her appearance. Based on his photo I could say many negative things about him, but I’ll refrain.). And finally, based on your position of agreement with Fred versus taking into account the 44 other Yelp reviews, I’d assume that you’re narrow-minded in your approach to life.

Doesn’t feel good, does it? Makes you want to explain and defend yourself, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what Sara did, and kudos to her for not “yes, sir”-ing and taking it upon herself to adopt his priorities, thus further taxing herself over things that frankly are quite shallow. Who cares if she loses his business? She’d probably rather not have the likes of him frequenting her establishment, and I applaud her for sticking up for herself in a world where anonymous or partially-anonymous shallow criticism has become the norm. As for Fred, he can go eat chicken wings at Hooters.