How to Make Good Use of Crossing in FIFA 17

We have introduced some ways to score goals last time. Here we continue to introduce another way to win more goals.

Crossing is the best option to score, and it’s even more overpowered in FIFA 17. There is a certain technique to score almost every time is that you whip the ball into the opponent’s penalty area.

Getting the ball into the box is key to scoring goals in FIFA. Whether you dribble it in with your forwards or cross the ball in with your midfielders, it’s imperative to get the ball into this deadly area as often as possible, so how to make the most of crossing is critical for FIFA fans.

There are three different types of crosses:

1. Normal cross: Single tap(X)

Press the cross button once when your winger is far from penalty box, and you will slightly move behind your strikers. Ball will take its time to curl and come to strikers’ head.

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